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Applying for Level 3 via APLE

Complete the online application to apply for Level 3 certification via the Approved Prior Learning & Experience route

Sign in

It is advisable to be signed in as a Guest or Practitioner member before you start completing your application, as this will enable you to save a draft and return to it later. If you are not registered, you can do so by clicking Register in the Account menu and clicking the link in either the Guest or Practitioner Member boxes.

If you are already a member, click Login in the Account menu. If you are already logged in, My Profile will appear in the Account menu.

Access the Application Form

Click here to access the application form >>>. The form will open in a separate window enabling you to refer back to this page. You can also click on this link to return to a draft

TIP: Bookmark this page to make it easy to return to if you want to work on your draft.


  • You can pause and save a draft of the form and return to complete it at a later date, if you are logged in as a guest or practitioner member. There is a save draft button is at the foot of each page. A progress bar is shown at the top of each page; click on the bar to navigate to different pages.
  • Once you have submitted the form, you will receive a copy by email. Your application will be acknowledged and you will receive a response within ten working days.
  • Note that files uploaded to the form are protected and nobody can access the file through the file’s URL nor be found by search engines.

Alternative to Online Submission

Online submission is the recommended method of submitting your application. If this is not possible, then you can download an LCS Level 3 Programme Application Form complete it and submit by email, along with its associated documents.

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