Complete an Accreditation Submission Form

Complete an online LCS accreditation submission form:

  • The Online Submission Form is the recommended option, though if you are unable to complete one online, download an MS Word version and then email it to the LCS when completed (see below for link to download)

Online Submission Form Sign In

You should be signed in as a Guest or Practitioner member before you start completing it, which will enable you to save drafts and edit before submission. If you are not registered as a Guest or Practitioner, you can do so by clicking the Register link at the top right of the page and click on the LCS Guest Membership link.

If you are already a member, simply click on the Sign In link. Note that if you are already logged in, My Profile will appear in the top right corner of your screen (when viewing on a desktop computer).

Access the Form

If you are making a new application after 14th June 2020 use Submission Form v. 2020.1. If you have already started a submission form before 14th June, 2020 continue using the same form.

Editing a Part Completed Form or Changing a Submitted Form

Editing a Part Completed Form

You can pause working on the form and save it as a draft and return to complete it at later time (provided you are signed in). The save draft button is at the foot of each page. Don’t click the Submit button if you are still at draft stage – if you want to leave the form, simply sign out and close the page/browser.

If you want continuing adding information to a part finished form (not yet submitted), sign in, navigate back to this page and simply click on the CLICK HERE icon/link above. Your part completed form should appear.

Changing a Previously Submitted Form

If you have submitted your form and then want to make changes and then re-submit a new version, click here to edit your submitted form (make sure you are signed in).

Form Submission

  • You should not click the Submit button at the end of the form unless you want to submit the form as a draft or final version. Note that you can access a submitted form, make changes and then re-submit a new version.
  •  A progress bar is shown at the top of each page.  You can click on this to navigate to different pages. The submit button is on the final page.
  • You must consent to data storage for the form to be sent.
  • When you submit a form, you will receive a copy by email. If you update the form, you will also receive a copy of the new version.
  • Your application will be acknowledged and an LCS assessor will be in touch to provide feedback.
  • Files uploaded to the form are protected and nobody can access a file through the file’s URL, nor can it be found by search engines.
  • You may not need to complete some sections, depending on the choices made in preceding parts of the form.

Guides & Resources (PDF downloads or links)

Accreditation Guides

LCS standard accreditation guide 2020.1 PDF or view in Google Docs

LCS SME accreditation guide

Technical Guides & Information

Guide to developing multiple choice tests

Guide to writing learning outcomes

Guide to setting up online multiple choice tests

Example LCS training records spreadsheet

The LCS Level Descriptors

Documents that are attached to the Submission Form

LCS Alignment matrix – Excel version

LCS Alignment matrix – Word version (lite)

Delivery Resource Capability Assessment – Excel version

  Delivery Resource Capability Assessment – Word version

Trainer Biographical Information Template

LCS levels, courses, assessment summary

MS Word Versions of the Submission Form

The Online Submission Form is the recommended option, though if you are unable to complete one online, download an MS Word version and then email it to the LCS when completed:

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