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LCS Level 2 Lean Certification


Experienced lean practitioners can become LCS Certified at Level 2 via the Approved Prior Learning and Experience (APLE) route.

This is designed for those with few or no formal CI qualifications or recognition of their credentials, but who have.a track record of successful CI implementations and an in-depth knowledge of lean thinking principles and techniques gained through roles in employment.

Gaining CI Knowledge

CI knowledge gained from learning can be in two forms:

  1. Formal learning – gained from training by an educational institution or training company, which may have been assessed or certified.
  2. Experiential learning – gained through other activities, including casual courses, self-directed on-the-job study, implementations or through other pursuits.

Gaining CI Practical Capability

CI Practical Capability can be gained from:

  1. Work undertaken while employed in a CI related role in an organisation.
  2. Projects undertaken for clients as a CI consultant.
  3. Ad hoc CI related projects or initiatives while employed in a general management role in an organisation.

Demonstrating Competence

The L2 certification applicant demonstrates he or she has the requisite competence by providing evidence of capability though an application form and two case studies.

The application form provides details of experience gained through CI roles and lists CI related qualifications, with the two case studies providing more comprehensive evidence of a strategic capability. The applicant also describes the leadership roles he or she has undertaken and the personal learning gained through critical reflection.

Link & Downloads

Download LCS L2 APLE brochure

Download LCS L2 APLE application guidance

Complete an online application form & submit case studies

Download an A3 report template

Who Can Apply?

Level 2 APLE Certification is designed for experienced practitioners and while there is no precise formula that can be used, the information below will provide an indication of the preferred characteristics.

Aspect Notes 2a 2b
Approximate minimum time undertaking lean management roles in employment This can include consultancy roles 5 years 7 years
Number of different lean/CI related roles This can include redefined roles as well as new jobs in the same or different organisations 2+ 4+
Number of different organisations in which roles undertaken ‘Different organisation’ encompasses different divisions/ groups, within large organisations, as well as separate organisations 2+ 3+
Functional background of roles Production, operations, service delivery, planning, CI, business/operational excellence
Scope of responsibility Scope can be determined by the size of the organisation and will differ for consulting roles.  Responsibility could be product delivery based or programme/project based Encompassing departments, cross-functional teams, value streams
Involvement in transformation projects A transformation project is one that makes major changes in how business is conducted. Contributing




General qualifications, lean/CI knowledge, L2/3 managers will often be educated to degree level, and/or with vocational, postgraduate or professional qualifications. Note that significant experience can compensate for the lack of formal qualifications.

The L2 APLE Certification Process

Stage A

  1. Complete the online LEVEL 2 APLE APPLICATION FORM. This captures information on roles in employment (including CI implementation achievements) and training/education undertaken. It also requires you to make a statement summarising how your CI knowledge and practical experience meets the Level 2 criteria and asks for the names of two references that may be contacted to corroborate your application.
  2. Upload to the application form relevant training course or academic certificates.
  3. Submit the application form to the LCS. 

Stage B

  1. Submit two implementation case studies via the online case study submission forms. These are likely to be already referenced in the application form.

Stage C

  1. The application is assessed and the outcome communicated to the applicant. The possible outcomes are:
    1. Application fully accepted; proceed to certification. 
    2. Application accepted, though insufficient/no evidence provided of formal knowledge testing; proceed to the test
    3. Revisions required to the application (specified in the evaluation report); make amendments and resubmit.
    4. Application rejected due to insufficient experience or evidence of knowledge.
  2. Take the knowledge test if required.
  3. Application approved.
  4. Applicant invoiced and payment made
  5. LCS Certificate issued.

L2 APLE Certification Fee

  • Level 2 LCS certification without a knowledge test: £395.00
  • Level 2 LCS certification including a knowledge test: £445.00


  • The fee is exclusive of VAT.
  • The fee is payable when the application has been accepted.
  • The fee can be paid by bank transfer, by card and via the LCS Shop.
  • The fee is reviewed periodically.

How to Apply

Complete an online application form

Submit two case studies

Useful Resources

dowbload iconDownload LCS L2 APLE application guidance

dowbload iconDownload L2 and L3 competency profile guidance.

Download an A3 report template

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