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The LCS App

Your connection to the Lean Community

Connect, Learn & Grow

With the LCS App, you can connect with fellow practitioners to share knowledge, stay engaged, manage your professional development, access useful resources and grow your network.

  • Ask questions and share advice with other lean practitioners.
  • Build a personalised, lean Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plan.
  • Keep track your CPD lean learning and log CPD implementation activities.
  • Access resources to assist in your learning and practice.

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Join the lean community!

LCS certificate holders can register for Practitioner Membership with the LCS App, enabling you to connect with fellow practitioners in the Community Q&A section, manage your own personal development plan and get an on-the-go resource for all things lean.

Connect with fellow practitioners

The LCS App provides access to an online lean network, where you can find and connect with other lean professionals in your area, industry, or sphere of expertise. Share best practices, ask questions and build your connections.

Showcase your lean capability progress

In your profile on the app, you can build your digital credentials, add badges of your LCS qualifications and CPD status - a great way to signal to the community your active engagement in continual learning and lean practice capability growth.

Discover exclusive resources

The LCS App provides access to a library of information to help you implement, teach, or study lean thinking and practice. From case studies and white papers to instructional videos and events, you'll have everything you need to stay up to date with the latest lean thinking and trends.

Upgrade your membership for more features

Unlock Your Full Potential with Premium Practitioner Membership

In addition to all the app’s free features, LCS Premium Practitioner Members have exclusive access to the app’s CPD platform. This allows you to create an A3 personal development plan, log development activities and assess progress towards your goals. All in all, it’s a great way to signal your professional development and achievements to the lean community.  

Become a Premium Practitioner now

  • Existing Practitioner Members signed in: click Account and then click Upgrade to Premium Practitioner
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