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LCS Framework: 3 – The Level Descriptors

Level Descriptors

The level descriptors are central to the LCS framework, since they state what knowledge and practical capability an individual should possess.

Key features of the descriptors:

  • Both lean knowledge and practical aspects are included
  • They are principles based, not focused on specific tools
  • They state the outcomes expected as a result of a course of lean learning – expressed as what an individual should be able to know, understand, apply, describe, analyse, etc
  • They note the prerequisites expected
  • They provide guidance on the indicative contents of a course aligned to the level
  • Each Level Descriptor has a number of sub-levels for specific themes or topics that are encompassed by the level.

LCS Alignment Matrix

A course aligned to a level should closely reference its descriptor, with its learning outcomes and topic coverage clearly aligned. An LCS Alignment Matrix is used in the accrediting process to provide a check on alignment, as illustrated in the extract below, showing how an Introduction to Lean Thinking course aligns to the Level 1a descriptor.

Visit the Level Descriptor Pages

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Download a PDF of the LCS level descriptors


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