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Ashley Kenderdine

Member since: January 2018

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Awarded: January 2018 - NHSBT

Certificate Reference: LCSL1801AK

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Master's in Business Administration

Date awarded: June 2022 | Awarded by: Open University


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I have over 15 years Operational Management experience. 7 have been in the Healthcare Industry. I've been with NHSBT for 6+ years with a proven track record in delivering improvement to the business in 3 key areas: administration processes, data analysis/performance reporting and risk management. Covid-19 saw my risk workload expand from Blood Donation into overseeing Risk Management across the whole of Blood Supply (Blood Donation, Manufacturing Operations, Testing & Scientific Development, Logistics) with a focus on implementing a positive risk culture, risk management programme, and a governance framework across the directorate. The emphasis was on making risk more visible and ensuring compliance with internal and external requirements. During this time, I also successfully delivered Blood Supply’s EU Exit Risk Management requirements. Currently Head of Service Development for Governance, Resilience & Risk focusing on both developing new and improving existing service the department delivers to the whole organisation pertaining specifically to governance, business continuity and risk management processes and activities. My key to success – understanding people. I am an enabler! Common Thread across Career: Project Management and Continuous Improvement Accolades: Board Recognition of Risk & Governance during Covid-19 & EU Exit Executive Team Award - 2019 National LEAN/Continuous Improvement Award Winner - 2018


Senior Leadership Management Development Apprenticeship: Level 7 -Distinction

Institution: Institute of Leadership & Management / Chartered Management Institute

Dates: November 2021 - December 2022


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