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Understanding & Adapting to Different Learning Styles

When it comes to education, everyone learns exactly the same way, right? Not quite. While the terms “auditory” and “visual” learners have become commonly understood, there are many other types of learning styles and while most people cross the lines of learning styles and can benefit from different types of learning, most have a dominant learning style that helps them grasp and remember concepts more easily. Understanding and adapting to the different learning styles is crucial for anyone involved in any form of instruction, whether that’s teaching in a classroom, in the workplace or even in the virtual world. In this article, Brianna Hansen of Cornerstone University considers the implications.

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Become LCS Accredited

An organisation's lean training system can become accredited so that learners who complete its training programmes receive Certificates of Lean Competency. The accrediting process ensures the training system is fit for purpose and aligned to the LCS levels, involving an in-depth scrutiny of all its components. An Accredited Certifier of Lean Competency is licenced for 2 years (renewable) to use the system.

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Become LCS Certified

Experienced lean practitioners can become LCS Certified via an Approved Prior Learning and Experience (APLE) route. This is designed for those with a track record of lean implementation and a broad knowledge of lean thinking principles and techniques, but have no formal lean qualifications or recognition of their credentials. Certification can be at LCS levels 2 and 3.

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The LCS Framework

The LCS is a lean qualifications framework used by accredited organisations to support lean training programmes, facilities or academies and by employees and lean practitioners as a vehicle to develop lean thinking knowledge and practical skills. There are seven levels in the framework, grouped into three categories 1) Fundamental, 2) Technical and 3) Strategic, covering the entire spectrum of lean knowledge and practice.

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