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About the Lean Competency System

An internationally recognised lean qualifications framework

The LCS is internationally recognised and the only university developed lean workplace-based qualification, offering a universal standard. Used by a wide variety organisations worldwide, the LCS accredits organisations of all types and sizes – from global corporations, government departments and private sector businesses to consultancies, SMEs and charities.

Created at LERC, Cardiff Business School

The LCS was launched in 2005 by the Lean Enterprise Research Centre (LERC) at Cardiff University, as a vehicle to help organisations develop staff lean capability and adopt lean thinking more effectively.  In 2014 a new spin out company, Lean Competency Services Ltd., was awarded the Cardiff University licence to operate and develop the LCS.

This was managed and controlled by Simon Elias, former LERC director and chief architect of the LCS from 2005. Simon was LCS Director until October 2023 when he retired and control of the LCS passed to the Reinvigoration Group, with Sarah Wooledge the new LCS Head of Operations.

Why the LCS was created

LCS was developed by LERC in response to the lack of credible workplace-based lean qualifications, which was inhibiting the development of staff lean capability training. A system was developed, piloted and launched in 2005. It has since been adopted by private and public sectors in the UK and internationally, where it plays an important role in supporting lean implementation and in creating a continuous improvement culture.

About Sarah Wooledge

LCS Head of Operations

Sarah is a seasoned lean professional with over 25 years of experience in operational improvement across diverse industries, from manufacturing to healthcare. Her talent for bringing theory to life and igniting enthusiasm within teams made her a sought-after expert.

She has designed and delivered tailored blended learning and coaching programs to drive lasting change for many organisations and has signiificant experience in LCS accreditation, having secured and extended it for several organisations; also, she holds LCS Level 3b qualification. Overall, her career is a testament to her ability to inspire teams and transform organisations through practical experience and deep industry knowledge.

LCS qualifications

The LCS qualifications framework has seven competency levels, covering a broad range of knowledge and understanding. Learn more about the framework by clicking the button below.

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