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2. Benefits

Accreditation for Consultants

Benefits of LCS accreditation for consultants

LCS accreditation benefits the corporate brand, profitability, customer relationships and competitive market positioning.

LCS accreditation provides independent endorsement of a consultant’s continuous improvement training system or programme, indicating it is well organised, effectively managed, professionally delivered and technically robust.

Accreditation offers:

  • Added value to your core training offering that can improve margins and create competitive advantage.
  • A solution to the growing need from companies and practitioners for accredited training and qualifications with strong market presence and high perceived value.
  • Independent endorsement of your CI training credentials.
  • A framework around which training courses can be developed.
  • A clear link with implementation that improves training effectiveness and can lead to additional business opportunities.
  • Career progression and professional development for practitioners.
  • A flexible framework that can be adapted to the differing needs of clients.
  • A route to engagement with client senior management that can enhance the overall business relationship.
  • Linkage to networks for collaboration and Lean Enterprise Research Centre research -Read more
  • Association with a global CI qualification - Read more