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Accreditation Registration Form

Use this form when you are ready to start the LCS accrediting process. Once complete, click Submit.

This signals your intention to accredit, gets you ‘in the system’, collects important administration/contact details and obtains your consent to hold information. Note that it is not a legally binding commitment to accredit.

You should be signed in as a Guest or Practitioner Member if you want the completed form to be saved. To create an account, click Account above, then Register.

LCS Accreditation Registration Form

1. Contact Details

Postal code

2. Accreditation Information

Accreditation use
Select all that are appropriate
Issued over the two year accreditation period

3. Administration

Will we need to be set up as a supplier on your purchasing system?

4. Consent & Submission

I apply for my organisation to be registered for LCS accreditation. I am authorised to make this application.