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Accreditation Submission Form: Online Training

This submission form should be used for training programmes that are entirely delivered online

Accreditation Submission Form: Online Training
  • 1: Background
  • 2: Courses
  • 3: Course material
  • 4: Management
  • 5: Consent/submit
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1.0 Organisation & Background

The entity to be accredited. This could be an organisation, a specific department or function, such as a training academy or centre of excellence.
The person responsible for the submission and to whom comments can be sent.
The email address to where confirmation and submission form copy is to be sent.
A brief description of the organisation, indicating main products/services/activities and relevant strategic information. List existing accreditations, awards or quality standards the organisation has.
Tick all that apply
1.9 To which LCS Level(s) does the programme align?
Select more than one if there are multiple courses
1.10 Estimate the number of certificates that will be issued over the two year licence period.