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Accreditation Submission Form

Accreditation Submission Form
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Please refer to section 2.3 of the Accreditation Guide for guidance when completing this form.

1.0 Organisation & Background

The entity that will be accredited. This could be the organisation itself or a specific department or function, such as a training academy or centre of excellence.
The person responsible for writing the submission and to whom comments can be addressed.
Email to where confirmation and submission form copy to be sent.
Note that with STANDARD accreditation the organisation is responsible for all training aspects, whereas with SME accreditation course testing is undertaken centrally by the LCS.
A brief description of the organisation, indicating main products/services/activities and any relevant strategic information. List any relevant existing accreditations, awards or quality standards the organisation already has.
Tick all that apply

2.0 Lean Training System Overview

Description of the structure of the training programme – i.e. position within the organisation, department, management, key responsibilities, areas of the organisation served or customer facing role.
Tick all that apply. Note that this could be just one level initially, with others added at a later date.
Provide an estimate of the number certificates to be issued over the two year accreditation period