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Accreditation Fees Calculator Guide

Fee Calculator Guide

The notes and instructions below provide guidance on using the fee calculator. You can also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions box on the right of this page.

In the notes below, each note number corresponds with the number of the boxes in the fee calculator. Each element of the calculator must be completed.

Notes & instructions


New or renewal accreditation

Select new if you wish to know the fee for an organisation accrediting for the first time or select renewal if you are already accredited and wish to know the re-accreditation fee for the next two years.


Standard or SME accreditation

Select standard if you wish to have full control over all aspects of your accredited training system, including all assessments and issuing of certificates. Select SME if you are a small/ medium sized or start up business that requires a lower up-front accreditation fee with payment for certification on a pay per unit basis, with testing and certificate issue handled centrally by the LCS.


Internal or external training

Select internal if you just train your own staff or those of key partners. Select external if you primarily train members of the public or other organisations’ employees as a consultancy or training organisation.


Commercial or public service organisation

Select commercial if your organisation aims to make a profit from its business activities or public service if your organisation is not commercially oriented and delivers services for the benefit of the public or society on a not-for-profit or charitable basis.


Forecast 1b & higher certificates

Select from the drop down list the estimated number of Level 1b and higher certificates you aim to issue over the two-year accreditation period. This could be just for one or two Levels or for all Levels 1b to 3b. Select zero if you do not intend to issue any certificates at 1b or higher. Note that the minimum accreditation fee you can pay is equivalent to those shown in Band A (200 1b and higher certificates).


Forecast issue of 1a certificates

Add a value in the box for the estimated number of Level 1a certificates you aim to issue over the two-year accreditation period. If you do not plan to issue any, place zero in the box.



LCS fees can be invoiced and paid in UK£, EU€ or US$. You can check the fee amount in your local currency by selecting from the drop-down list. Note that this is for guidance only and the US$ actual amount will depend on the prevailing exchange rate at the time of accreditation.


Fees are based on the number of Level 1b and higher certificates that will be issued over the two year accreditation period. An organisation selects one of six fee bands that relate to its forecast.

Whatever number of Level 1b and higher certificates are selected, the accredited organisation can also issue and equivalent number of Level 1a certificates at no additional cost.

If the free Level 1a quota is exceeded, then additional 1a certificates can be purchased on a cost per unit basis.

The fee bands for Level 1b and higher are:

  1. Up to 200 certificates over two years.
  2. Up to 400 certificates over two years.
  3. Up to 600 certificates over two years.
  4. Up to 1,000 certificates over two years.
  5. Up to 1,500 certificates over two years.
  6. 2,000 or more certificates over two years..

If an organisation exceeds its free Level 1a quota, additional 1a certificates can be purchased at £2.00 /€2.30 each (plus VAT) for the first 2,500 Level 1a certificates and £1.00 /€1.15 each (plus VAT) thereafter for over 2,500 Level 1a certificates.

SME fees are not based on the fee bands and there is a fixed a fee of £1,750 /€2,020 for new SME accreditations. Further fees are payable on a per certificate issued basis after LCS centrally managed assessments.

Yes, you can adjust your certificate volumes upwards and pay an addition fee. This could be based on moving up to the next fee band or just issuing more Level 1a certificates.

In the former case, a pro rata calculation is made to arrive at the additional fee payable. This takes account of the initial fee paid and the amount of time remaining on the licence.

No, re-accreditation fees are around 20% lower than the new accreditation fees,

You still use the same fee bands since they automatically come with Level 1a quotas and you select the band that relates to the number per year you plan to issue.

You can not carry over an unused certificate allowance to the next accreditation period. However, if you purchase additional L1a certificates and do not use them all, those remaining can be transferred to the next accreditation period.

Note that the minimum accreditation fee you can pay is equivalent to that shown in Band A (200 1b and higher certificates), regardless of whether or not you intend to issue Level 1b certificates.

VAT is added to accreditation fees where the accredited training programme is based and largely delivered in the UK. If it is based and delivered outside of the UK, then VAT is not applied.

The rate is 20% when VAT is applicable

Accreditation fees can be paid in UK£, Euros or US$. The invoice currency will usually be in UK£, except for those organisations based in the Eurozone or the US.