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Test Set Up Request Form

Use this form if you are an SME accredited organisation and you want to: 1) set up a brand new test, or 2) deploy a previously used test, or 3) amend a test in progress.

LCS Test Set Up Request Form
  • Instructions
  • Contact & Test Details
  • Consent & Submit
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Before you start completing the form, make sure you:

  • Know the dates for the test window to open and close
  • Have a list of the candidates who are to take the test
  • ...and for a new test:

  • Have a set of test questions in place
  • Know the LCS level to which the test is to be aligned

If you want to save a draft of the form and return to it later, be sure that you are logged in as a Guest or Practitioner Member before you start.

Note that the numbering of the form fields may not be sequential, as different fields will appear based on previous choices.

For further information about creating tests and developing questions, visit the Creating tests page:
click here >>>

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