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LCS Impact Awards

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LCS Impact Award Application
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Complete each field in the form, referring to the guidance text where present.

In section 6 you can upload to the form supporting files, such as A3's, reports, images, presentations, videos, etc., which provide greater context, detail or explanation. Upload up to ten documents (each up to 8mb). If you have larger files, use a file transfer service, such as WeTransfer.

If successful, a summary of your award will be placed in the LCS Impact Awards Showcase on the LCS website and viewable by the general public.

Do not include information in your application that you do not wish to be in the public domain, or ensure that such information is anonymised before it is made public. You will need to consent to data storage and award communication at the end of the form.

You can download a guide to applying by clicking here >>>

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