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5. Applying

Level 2 APLE Certification

How to Apply

Sign in

Sign in as a Guest or Practitioner member before you start your application, as this will enable you to save a draft. Already a member? click Login in the Account menu. If you are already logged in, My Profile will appear in the Account menu.

Not registered? Click Register in the Account menu and click the link in either the Guest or Practitioner Member boxes.

TIP: bookmark this page so you can return to it easily to make edits

Complete an Application Form & Write Your Two Case Studies

Click Application to access the application form


Click Case study 1 and Case study 2 to access the case study templates.

Case study 1

Case study 2

Editing your application or cases

App. edit

Case #1 edit

Case #2 edit

Submission Guidance

  • You can save a draft of the application or case studies to complete at a later time. Return to this page and click the edit boxes. Ensure you are logged when you do this.
  • There is a save draft button is at the foot of each page.
  • A progress bar is shown at the top of each page; click on the bar to navigate to different pages.
  • Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a copy by email.
  • After you have submitted your application and cases, you will receive and an acknowledgment. You will normally receive the assessment of your application within ten working days.
  • Files uploaded to the application are protected and nobody can access the files through the file’s URL nor be found by search engines.