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2. Suitability

Level 2 APLE Certification

Who Can Apply?

Level 2 APLE Certification is designed for experienced practitioners and while there is no precise formula that can be used, the information below will provide an indication of the ideal characteristics.

Approximate minimum time undertaking lean management roles in employment

2a: 5 years

2b: 7 years

This can include consultancy roles

Number of different lean/CI related roles

2a: Two +

2b: Four +

This can include redefined roles as well as new jobs in the same or different organisations

Number of different organisations in which roles undertaken

2a: Two +

2b: Three +

‘Different organisation’ encompasses different divisions/ groups, within large organisations, as well as separate organisations

Functional background of roles

Production, operations, service delivery, planning, CI, business/operational excellence

Scope of responsibility

Encompassing departments, cross-functional teams, value streams

Scope can be determined by the size of the organisation and will differ for consulting roles. Responsibility could be product delivery based or programme/project based

Involvement in transformation projects

2a: Contributing 2+

2b: Contributing 4+

A transformation project is one that makes major changes in how business is conducted.

General qualifications, lean/CI knowledge

L2 managers will often be educated to degree level, and/or with vocational, postgraduate or professional qualifications.

Note that significant experience can compensate for the lack of formal qualifications.