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This 1b/1c course focuses on the fundamentals of Lean and aims at teaching you how to use this approach to solve organisational problems and drive improvements whether you work in a service or in a manufacturing environment.

The course also builds the required skills to initiate change such as:
– business analysis
– implementation design
– coaching peers
– selling and presenting the benefits of change

*The course is capped at a maximum of 12 delegates.

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Shingo Forum

Monthly virtual networking club for those interested in Shingo.

Encouraging the sharing of ideas and inspiration from the Shingo Institute, Shingo Assessors & Award-winners

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Lean Forum

A bi-Monthly Virtual Network for Lean Thinkers:

This network exists to encourage the sharing of best practice, CI & Lean thinking through networking, visits and workshops.

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Using accreditation to help embed continuous improvement

An introduction to LCS accreditation and how it can help organisations sustain continuous improvement activities.

-A 60-minute webinar that shows how LCS accreditation can help organisations embed and sustain their continuous improvement activities

What is the LCS?
Enablers for CI sustainability
Benefits of certification for practitioners
Benefits of accreditation for organisations
Accrediting process
Summary & questions
Presented by Simon Elias,

Director of The Lean Competency System

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How to Become LCS Accredited

This webinar is for those interested in the LCS Accreditation and will cover the following topics:

Suitability & accreditation types
Accreditation process
Accreditation responsibilities
Adding value elements
Summary – Q&A
There will be opportunities for questions and discussion during the session
Presented by Simon Elias, Director of The Lean Competency System.

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An Introduction to The Level 3 Programme

This webinar is for those interested in the LCS Level 3 Programme and will cover:


  • An explanation of LCS certification by the Approved Prior Learning & Experience route
    Where Level 3 fits into the LCS qualification framework
    Suitability for the programme and typical candidate profile
    The benefits of taking the programme
    How the programme focuses on critical reflection
    Key programme components and the delivery process
    Application process

There will be opportunities for questions and discussion at the end of the session

Presented by Dr John Homewood – Manager, Membership Services & Development

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