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International Lean Six Sigma Conference 2021

This live, face to face conference will give you the opportunity to learn the latest techniques, tools and principles from world-class Lean Six Sigma professionals from multiple industries. They will share their experience, walk you through case studies and deliver workshops to give you a deeper understanding of Lean Six Sigma, OpEx and CI.


Not only you will learn what works, but also what mistakes to avoid and how to use Lean Six Sigma in different industries to achieve maximum results. You’ll learn the key principles and mindset necessary to make it all successful.


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Webinar: Using accreditation to embed continuous improvement

An introduction to LCS accreditation and how it can help organisations sustain continuous improvement activities.

-A 60-minute webinar that shows how LCS accreditation can help organisations embed and sustain their continuous improvement activities

What is the LCS?
Enablers for CI sustainability
Benefits of certification for practitioners
Benefits of accreditation for organisations
Accrediting process
Summary & questions
Presented by Simon Elias,

Director of The Lean Competency System

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Lean Construction Live

The introduction of a Lean approach and Lean practices within the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) sector can improve productivity and efficiency whilst simultaneously eliminating waste, resulting in better quality products and services.

The Lean Construction Live event, taking place in Milton Keynes on 13th May 2022, will provide practical advice to AEC professionals on how to implement a Lean management system, assess the current success of any existing system, and, equally importantly, how to embed a culture of continuous improvement to ensure long-lasting maximum benefits.


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LCS CI eLearning Network Meeting

The September Meeting of the LCS CI eLearning & Digital Delivery Network


  1. Introduction
  2. Online Lean Games & Simulation research
  3. Group discussions & feedback: reflections on eLearning development & delivery over the pandemic period.
  4. Innovations in eLearning & digital management presentation: the Changeway Digital Improvement Platform.
    1. Changeway application for ‘LCS Approved’ status and piloting opportunity.
    2. Discussion on volunteering for piloting.
  5. Summary, follow on actions.

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Note that registration is open to those working in LCS accredited organisations.

The Changeway Digital Improvement Platform

Changeway is a digital platform created by improvement professionals for improvement professionals. One of the co-founders ran the international arm of Simpler, a lean transformation consultancy which grew to around 200 employees and was acquired by IBM in 2016. They designed the platform to support the methods, techniques and tools improvement professionals use.

Changeway exists to help organisations integrate digital transformation and continuous improvement. It applauds the way many organisations have migrated from paper and post-its to collaboration software, but believes there is much more to be unlocked.

The session will demonstrate how Changeway:

  1. Engages and empowers teams, whether they are on-site, fully remote or hybrid
  2. Puts the end-to-end improvement value stream on a digital platform, and allows you to capture, analyse, share and re-use your change and innovation data – your competitive advantage.
  3. Positions you to harness machine learning and artificial intelligence to help your organisation learn and improve faster

Testing & Development

Having spent two years building a comprehensive, mobile-first digital platform and testing it with its beta clients, the company believes Changeway will significantly help improvement teams in any industry sectors embrace digital transformation.

The company recognises that it needs to earn the right to be in this market and so is seeking LCS Approved status in order to demonstrate it can deliver real value to customers and reinforce continuous their improvement efforts.

LCS Approved is the LCS’s product endorsement service, which ensures that a product is aligned to lean thinking principles and practices and can relied up to support the development of a continuous improvement culture.

LCS Approved Application: Piloting Volunteers

Part of the LCS Approved application process involves gathering evidence from customers of their experience of using the product. This allows its effectiveness to be assessed and the degree to which its aligned to lean practices.

We’re seeking volunteers from LCS accredited organisations that want to be part of the pilot and adopt the Changeway technology. This will involve using Changeway and providing feedback on its impact and results. Note that pilot licences will be provided free of charge.

If you’re curious to explore – and help build the what’s next? for continuous improvement, attend the workshop which will explain how the pilot programme will operate and the levels of support available.


How to Become LCS Accredited | LCS Webinar

This webinar is for those interested in the LCS Accreditation and will cover the following topics:

Suitability & accreditation types
Accreditation process
Accreditation responsibilities
Adding value elements
Summary – Q&A
There will be opportunities for questions and discussion during the session
Presented by Simon Elias, Director of The Lean Competency System.

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LCS Webinar: Level 3 Programme Introduction | November 2021

This webinar is for those interested in the LCS Level 3 Programme and will cover:


  • An explanation of LCS certification by the Approved Prior Learning & Experience route
    Where Level 3 fits into the LCS qualification framework
    Suitability for the programme and typical candidate profile
    The benefits of taking the programme
    How the programme focuses on critical reflection
    Key programme components and the delivery process
    Application process

There will be opportunities for questions and discussion at the end of the session

Presented by Dr John Homewood – Manager, Membership Services & Development

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