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LCS European Network Event

The aim of the event is to connect members of the community, foster best practice information sharing and help develop relationships and collaboration opportunities.


  • 12.00 pm – Registration, lunch & networking
  • 1.00 pm – Introduction, LCS Update & the LEANmeter, Simon Elias
  • 1.15 pm – Presentation 1
  • 1.45 pm – Presentation 2
  • 2.15 pm – Refreshments & networking
  • 3.00 pm – Presentation 3
  • 3.30 pm – Presentation 4
  • 4.00 pm – Presentation 5
  • 4.30 pm – Q&A, Summary
  • 5.00 pm – Networking

It is open to all those working in LCS accredited organisations, those working for clients of accredited organisations and those interested in accreditation. There will be no charge for community delegates. Please note that the event capacity is 100 delegates.

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  1. Jan Heijneman, UPD:The importance of the strategic LCS competency level 3 and how to achieve it
  2. Colette Roetgering, Bycc : Lean Management as a System
  3. José Franken, University of Twente: LCS accreditation as a mean to come to a lean way of working at the university
  4. Rienk van der Vaart, Jacco Deirkauf, Hillfive: Thriving for continuing improvement in a private equity company
  5. Lean Instituut @ Verbeeten: Lean transformation

Time to reflect and rethink the Lean Toolbox

This speculative and participative workshop will highlight a few concepts and discuss the use and misuse of some common Lean tools – particularly with respect to problems, improvement, and people AND will question:

  • How should Lean managers respond in a VUCA environment?
  • Are traditional Lean tools still applicable?
  • We have used ‘The Temple of Lean’ for decades. Still appropriate?
  • Learning remains at the core of Lean. What have we learned?
  • Emerging Organisational possibilities?

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The Festival of Great Creative Thinking

The Festival of Great Creative Thinking is the world’s first showcase of the tools and techniques from a wide range of creative thinking disciplines that will leave you empowered to solve problems and ready to spark positive and sustainable change in your own life.


Full event schedule and line-up can be found below (exact speaker times will be announced soon):

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Speakers during the half-day module on Corporate Purpose:

  • Gib Bulloch, Founder at Craigberoch Business Decelerator
  • Cara Chacon, Founder at Intentum Consulting / Former VP of Social & Environmental Responsibility at Patagonia
  • Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance at London Business School.

Speakers during the half-day module on Personal Purpose:

  • Alan Clayton, Chairman at Revolutionise
  • Elizabeth Ngonzi, Founder/CEO at The International Social Impact Institute
  • Steve Chamberlain, Performance Coach, Author, Trainer.


Speakers during the half-day module on Changing Your Own Behaviour:

  • Tom de Bruyne, Co-Founder at SUE Behavioural Design
  • Astrid Groenewegen, Co-Founder at SUE Behavioural Design
  • Tim Versnel, Behavioural Design Lead at SUE Behavioural Design

Speakers during the half-day module on Influencing Other People’s Behaviour:

  • Tom de Bruyne, Co-Founder at SUE Behavioural Design
  • Astrid Groenewegen, Co-Founder at SUE Behavioural Design
  • Tim Versnel, Behavioural Design Lead at SUE Behavioural Design


Speakers during the half-day module on Futurology:

  • Krizna Gomez, Foresight & Narratives Specialist
  • Dr Iain MacRitchie, Founder at MCR Pathways
  • Jahkini Bisselink, Gen Z Expert at Whetson Strategic

Speakers during the half-day module on Ultimate Creative Thinking:

  • Peter Higgin, Artistic Director at Punchdrunk Enrichment
  • Dr Lynda Shaw, Cognitive Neuroscientist and Business Psychologist
  • Alan Clayton, Chairman at Revolutionise.

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LCS Community discount

Members of the Lean Competency System community are entitled to an exclusive 10% off tickets to the Festival. Simply use the code LEAN10 at checkout when purchasing 3-day, 1-day or half-day tickets. Secure your place before 1 July and this reduction will be on top of the standard early bird discount.


Overcoming Emotional Resistance to Implementing Lean

An LCS webinar to provide the inspiration to bring people along with you on your lean journey


Negative emotional reactions create paralysis, procrastination or even downright opposition to change, never mind how beneficial the change will be. Every change will create a level of negative emotional reaction and it is imperative that the people tasked with delivering change are skilled in overcoming this emotional resistance.

This webinar will introduce you to a strategic approach to overcoming emotional resistance.

Inspiration to positively drive change is rooted in the emotional heart of an organisation’s ‘Why?’ and it is critical that this can be expressed as an emotional driver as well as a value driver.  From the precise and powerful emotional heart flow a series of specific techniques that can be used to align an organisation emotionally as well as structurally.

This webinar will present research based theory and bring it to life using case studies, including case studies of organisations using lean thinking. It will surprise you because emotional alignment requires simplicity and ‘simple does not equal easy.’  Emotional alignment is hard to achieve, but has benefits beyond measure.

Who will benefit from this webinar?

The session is suitable for anyone involved in designing, implementing and managing lean oriented change in an organisation.

Learning outcomes

  • How to predict and identify emotional factors which create resistance to change.
  • Appreciate that tactical measures to counter emotional resistance can lead to compromise in the change you are seeking.
  • Understand that countering emotional resistance with logical assurances rarely succeeds.
  • How to create emotional drivers to overcome emotional resistance.
  • How to find an emotional heart which creates emotional drivers.
  • How case study organisations have successfully created and used emotional drivers.


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Our Presenting Partner

Our presenting partner is Revolutionise International, a recent spin-off founded by Alan Clayton and James Tennet. Revolutionise’s curriculum is rooted in Alan’s 25 years of experiences in emotionally aligning organisations globally across all sectors from the UN, government, corporations, non-profits and SMEs in over 30 countries.

Revolutionise are launching a series of in-depth seminars, retreats and sprints kicking off with a 3-day, in-person headline event, the Festival of Great Creative Thinking. Click here >>> for information on an exclusive 10% off tickets to the Festival for members of the LCS community.

International Conference on Lean Production Systems and Manufacturing Practices

The International Research Conference is a federated organization dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program. Events will run over a span of time during the conference depending on the number and length of the presentations. With its high quality, it provides an exceptional value for students, academics and industry researchers.

International Conference on Lean Production Systems and Manufacturing Practices aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Lean Production Systems and Manufacturing Practices. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Lean Production Systems and Manufacturing Practices.

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TWI Kata Summit Europe-Lego Company Tour

Leaders Leading Leaders The TWI + KATA EU Summit is an annual gathering of those seeking to learn. A limited capacity tour of the LEGO Factory will be available to book on 14th June as part of the event calendar.


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