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If you have been awarded an LCS Certificate of Lean Competency at any level, you are eligible to become a Standard Practitioner Member and join for free the extensive LCS community. Simply click Register Now in the Standard Practitioner Membership box below.

Benefits of joining the LCS community include access to resources to help you learn, practice and teach. You will soon be able to upgrade to Premium Practitioner Membership (PPM), which will give you access to LCS Continuing Professional Development.

If you do not yet have an LCS Certificate of Lean Competency, you are welcome to join as a Guest Member, which provides a range of useful features and insights.

LCS Guest Membership

As a Guest Member you can access summaries of reports and articles, receive LCS newsletters, learn about lean events that you may wish to attend and keep abreast of the latest LCS related news and developments. If you are subsequently awarded an LCS Certificate of Lean Competency, you will be able to upgrade to Standard Practitioner Membership

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What are my options if I want to become certified?

If you work for an LCS accredited employer, you can enrol on one its LCS aligned training courses, or you can join an open programme delivered by an LCS accredited consultancy. If you already have lean knowledge and experience gained from your past or current employment, you can apply via the Approved Prior Learning & Experience route (for Levels 2 & 3) .

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LCS Standard Practitioner Membership

As a Standard Practitioner Member you can join or initiate discussion forum topics, collaborate with like-minded practitioners, connect and network in private groups. You can access a range of resources, such as implementation tools, book lists, teaching guides and material to help develop your training programme, contribute articles on current issues and publicise your events to the community. You can also promote your lean expertise by creating a Digital Credentials profile.

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