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2. Accrediting Process

SME Accreditation

Stages to Becoming SME Accredited

The first-time accreditation process has six stages from Registration to Welcome Pack. The process enables an applicant to submit evidence that its lean training system is capable of delivering effective lean training that meets LCS standards.

  • The term 'lean training system' is used to describe the interconnected components that are required to deliver effective lean training to learners. It could comprise of one course or several in an academy or centre of excellence (see image below).
  • The accrediting process aims to ensure that these components are well established, technically robust, effectively managed, resourced and integrated.
  • The training system or programme is described by the applicant in an online Submission Form.

Stages Detail

  1. Planning (applicant), which can include:
    1. Carrying out a gap analysis
    2. Developing a timetable
    3. Checking alignment with the LCS framework
  2. Registration Form (applicant)
    1. Gets the application 'in the system'
    2. Provides contact and administrative information about the applicant
  3. Portfolio assembled using the online Submission Form (applicant)
    1. Captures the the applicant's training details
    2. Includes courses, learning outcomes, topics, practical assessment, delivery
    3. This stage takes most time in the process
  4. Review (LCS/applicant)
    1. The LCS issues a Progress Checklist when the submission has been assessed
    2. Draft versions can be edited and updated on line, as required
  5. Final submission accepted
    1. Takes place when all items in the Progress Checklist are marked as 100% complete
  6. Sign off meeting (LCS/applicant)
    1. Covers responsibilities, publicity, collaboration, certificate templates
    2. Participants are training programme stakeholders
    3. Lasts about one hour
  7. Welcome pack (LCS)
    1. Formal confirmation of accredited status
    2. Includes certificate templates, logos, communication flyers
The accrediting process usually takes four to six weeks to complete

Notes on Accreditation

  • The LCS accepts that every training system is different, as organisations need to adopt a 'contingent' approach to lean application - that is, there is no single 'right' way to apply lean, and the method developed must be built around the specific circumstances. and needs of the organisation.
  • LCS accreditation accepts that the training programme will continuously evolve, particularly when it is part of Learning Organisation – that is, one that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself.
  • The LCS accreditation approach is built on an holistic interpretation of lean thinking, takes a systems perspective and an 'open source' view of how lean is evolving.