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SME Accreditation Fees

SME Accreditation & Testing/Certification Fees

SME Accreditation fees are shown below:




You can use the Fees Calculator to check the fee applicable for your particular circumstances.


Fee Notes

  1. The fees shown above are applicable to commercial organisations, defined as those organisations that are geared to making a profit from their business activities. A separate public services fee schedule is available for public service organisations. The LCS defines public service organisations as those that are not commercially oriented and deliver services for the benefit of the public or society on a not-for-profit basis.
  2. The two-year fee is payable when accreditation has been granted.
  3. There are no fees payable other than the accreditation fee and, where applicable, fees for pay-for-issue Level 1a certificates.
  4. Test/certification fees can be paid for by the accredited company on behalf or learners or by learners direct to the LCS.
  5. Fees shown are exclusive of VAT.

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