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1. Introduction

Standard Accreditation

Accreditation Introduction

Section Contents

This section contains information about Standard Accreditation, covering the overall proposition, suitability, the accrediting process, fees and how to apply. Click in the section contents box to the right to access topics.

Overall Proposition

An organisation’s lean training can become accredited so that learners who successfully complete its courses or programmes receive Certificates of Lean Competency at particular levels. The accrediting process ensures the training system is fit for purpose and aligned to the LCS framework and involves a review all its components. As an Accredited Certifier of Lean Competency, the organisation is licenced for 2 years (renewable) to use the LCS.

An ‘organisation’ could be a company or public service body with its own CI training capability or a consultancy with a training capability for its staff, clients’ staff or for the general public.

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Who Can Apply?

  • Organisations with their own lean/CI training capability for their staff (or planning one)
  • Consultancies or training companies with a lean training capability for their own staff, clients’ staff or for public programmes
  • Private companies and public/third sector organisations
  • Companies with single sites or multiple sites in one country or in international locations.

Smaller organisations or start-up companies may want to consider SME Accreditation as an alternative to Standard. Check out the diverse list of organisations that have become accredited.

LCS Customers

Accrediting to Specific Levels

An organisation can choose to align its training to any combination of LCS levels and can add more levels to its licence at any point at no extra cost.

For example, it may decide to start with just Level 1a and then add Level 1b and/or 1c at a future point when its capability has developed and the demand from its organisation or customers dictates.

Accrediting to Level 3

Personal certification at Level 3 can only take place via the Approved Prior Learning & Experience route – through a Level 3 Programme – and cannot be awarded as a result of a training programme. The key delivery capability for Level 3 lies in the Level 3 Advisors who provide guidance, mentoring and support activities to candidates on a Level 3 Programme, who are tasked with constructing a portfolio that evidences their strategic level capability.

Consultancies may have opportunities to offer a Level 3 Programme to clients and also have staff with the appropriate delivery capabilities to be Level 3 Advisors and so may choose to accredit to Level 3.