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Five Ways Lean Can Help You Get A Competitive Edge


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By their nature all industries and sectors are competitive and in order to thrive, you need to get and stay ahead of your competitors. Lean helps businesses attain competitive advantage by identifying the key strategic areas for improvement and then optimising the processes of each. This enables them to become more effective and efficient, build credibility within the industry and gain market share.

1. Exceptional customer service

One of the biggest pitfalls for companies is poor customer service. Lean helps the firm to target and improve their customer service operations by cutting out ineffective processes such as customer waiting times and call transfers and focus on the things that add value. This creates a double advantage, as it not only builds up a positive customer experience but it also enhances your business reputation and brand, putting you in a stronger competitive position.

2. More value for consumers

Lean provides businesses with the means to generate more value for their customers. By removing wasteful operations and streamlining their approach, businesses are able to achieve high-quality results for their customers whilst simultaneously reducing running costs. This enables companies to provide valuable products or services to their customers at competitive prices.

3. High Quality Employees

Lean strives to help companies build a positive reputation, which is much more likely to attract high quality employees. Employing empowered, motivated staff  with higher skill sets not only strengthens the business as a whole, but it also puts you in a much better position to challenge major competitors.

4. Business growth

For companies to compete in a congested marketplace, they need to be constantly improving the weaker aspects of their business and innovating to create new or improved products. The lean approach focuses on constantly revisiting all processes in order to enhance them and help the business improve and grow. This puts you in a strong position to compete with other businesses.

5. Positive environmental impact

By cutting out physical waste in processes, lean naturally helps companies to become more environmentally friendly. With huge pressures currently on businesses to put forward a positive environmental message, promoting yourself as a green business can provide you with a significant advantage over your competitors.

If you would like more insight into how lean can help your business stay ahead of its competitors, Lean Competency System can tell you all you need to know. Simply get in touch via the website


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