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KCS Acccreditation Submission Form

KCS Accreditation Submission Form
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The Submission Form captures information about your kata training programme that demonstrates it meets KCS accreditation standard.
You can start completing it once you have sent in your Registration Form.

You should save your draft as you progress and you can leave the form and return at a later time to complete it.
However, you must be logged in as a Guest or Practitioner Member before starting the form in order for the form to be saved.

To create an account, click Account above, then Register. To resume completing the form, simply return to the Submission Form page after you have logged in.
Note the progress bar at the top of each page - click on a section to link to it. Fields with a red asterisk must be completed.

For accreditation guidance and form explanation refer to the Accreditation Guide >>> on the KCS website.