Coaching kata - Lean Competency System

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Coaching kata

The coaching kata is a set of teaching routines that helps develop the coaches skill. It is a set of patterns that help managers and supervisors teach Improvement Kata and encourage the improvers to think and act in a more scientific way.

The coaching Kata can help organisations realise the possibilities of the improvement kata by developing the skills for systemic and scientific thinking in the daily routine. The training is carried out on real problems providing real and tangible outcomes to the challenges and obstacles presented.

The kata encourages the improvers to learn from the last step and define the next obstacle that needs to be overcome. The Focus for the coaching Kata is very much the learning cycle as opposed to the solution – this allows the improvers to align their actions with the goals of the organisation. The constant drive for improvement allows everyone the opportunity to practice these new skills on real problems on a daily basis.

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