Accreditation Stages - Lean Competency System

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Accreditation Stages

The stages to becoming KCS accredited

The six stages in the accrediting process are shown below. The process starts with a planning stage and concludes when the welcome pack is sent to the newly accredited organisation.

It takes between one and three months to complete the process and this time is largely in the control of the applicant.

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Accrediting stages

Stage One


The planning stage includes deciding on a timetable and target completion date, agreeing a review approach, undertaking a gap analysis and checking alignment of an existing kata programme with the KCS framework


Stage Two


A short Registration Form is to be submitted by the applicant, which provides background and administrative information and get the applicant ‘in the system’.

Stage Three


The applicant’s portfolio of evidence is assembled using the online Submission Form. The captures a range of information on all aspects of the training programme – course titles, learning outcomes, knowledge and practice assessments, delivery staff capability, management and administration, and examples of materials.

Stage Four


The Submission Form is reviewed by a KCS assessor, who issues a Progress Checklist to the applicant. This indicates which sections are considered complete and those for which more information or clarification is required. When all sections are shown as 100% complete, the process moves to the Sign Off Meeting stage.

Stage Five


The Sign Off meeting confirms the process is complete. The agenda covers Submission highlights, ongoing responsibilities, Practitioner Membership information, developments & collaboration, certificate template branding & signatory and accreditation success PR and communication

Stage Six

Welcome Pack

To conclude the process, a Welcome Pack is sent to the applicant after the meeting. This contains the confirmation letter, the organisation’s certificate, the personal certificate template, terms and conditions, logos, flyers, digital badges and a certificate production guides.

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