Level 2 APLE Certification - Lean Competency System

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For experienced kata practitioners

Level 2 APLE Certification

An independent endorsement of your kata capability

KCS Level 2 Certification by the Approved Prior Learning & Experience (APLE) route is a mechanism for senior kata practitioners to become KCS certified based on their kata coaching experience and knowledge gained from roles in organisations or consultancies. It is obtained directly via the KCS.

KCS Level 2 has three sub-levels: A, B and C. The depth and breadth of practical experience differentiates these:

  • L2A: is able to coach an individual
  • L2B: is able to coach several individuals
  • L2C: is able to develop new coaches

Click the links below to download the KCS L2 APLE brochure and to see the Level Descriptors for Level 2.

The benefits of becoming Level 2 Certified

  • It provides independent endorsement of your kata coaching capabilities from a respected, authoritative organisation.
  • It strengthens your credibility as a kata coach among the CI practitioner community. your colleagues and customers.
  • It helps improve your confidence and self-assurance as a kata practitioner.
  • You will be part of a global community of improvement practitioners, with excellent networking, learning and research opportunities.

Application Process

You can apply via the online application form and kata coaching experience portfolio. Once received, your application is acknowledged and you will be contacted within two weeks with a decision.

1. An online application form is submitted, along with supporting evidence on kata coaching experience in the form of a kata coaching experience portfolio. A statement is included in the application form summarising the applicant’s capability and how this meets the Level 2 requirements

2. The application and portfolio are reviewed with the following possible outcomes

i) Application fully accepted; proceed to certification.

ii) Application accepted, but requires additional evidence of formal knowledge capability; proceed to test.

iii) Revisions required to application; make amendments and resubmit.

iv) Application rejected due to insufficient experience or knowledge

3. The applicant is informed of the outcome. If it is i) or ii), the applicant is invoiced.

4. Following invoice payment, the KCS Certificate is sent.

Who can become KCS certified via the APLE route?

Applicants are likely to be experienced CI practitioners using kata as part of their organisation’s or consultancy’s improvement effort, on a full time or part time basis. They will be familiar with the kata body of knowledge and in particular to work of Mike Rother.

Applicants are likely to have acted as the coach to a single or multiple learners, via daily coaching cycles and have demonstrated they have followed the five Coaching Kata question phases, formed developmental targets for individual learners, resulting in learners achieving a series of consecutive Target Conditions – and ultimately meeting a greater challenge.

The information in the table describes the typical characteristics of an individual with KCS Level 2 capability.

Applying & Fees

Complete an application form and a kata coaching experience portfolio. You will be advised to complete the portfolio after an initial review of your application.

The fee for Level 2 KCS APLE certification without a knowledge test is £625.00 (plus VAT) / €705.00.

The fee for Level 2 KCS APLE certification including a knowledge test: £695.00 (plus VAT) / €785.00.

Application Form

Click on the link below to access the L2 APLE application form

Kata Coaching Experience Portfolio

Complete and submit your portfolio when advised by a KCS assessor.

KCS Level 2 APLE Brochure

Download a PDF Level 2 APLE brochure.