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Approved Trainer Register & Digital Badge Request

Resources for Accredited Organisations

Approved Trainer Register & Digital Badge

Approved Trainer Digital Badge Request

Use this form to:

  • Request that you are added to the LCS Approved Trainer Register.
  • Request an Approved Trainer digital badge is added to your LCS Practitioner Member profile.

If you are not a Practitioner Member, you can request to registered, as this is an entitlement of those who are part of the delivery team of an accredited organisation.

Note that only those who are active trainers on LCS accredited training courses or programmes are eligible to apply.

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Consent and Submission

Indicate you consent to data collection and storage, add today's date and then click submit.
By selecting Yes, you consent to Lean Competency Services Ltd collecting and storing data from this form for the purpose of Approved Trainer management.