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Join the LCS practitioner community

The LCS Community is a place for lean practitioners to come together and communicate ideas, debate issues, find information and solve problems. It facilitates ‘peer-to-peer’ learning by promoting collaboration, networking, discussion and information sharing, leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the community.

There are various perks and exclusive platforms for LCS members to utilise with their membership, with different levels of availability depending on which membership you sign up to. Find out more about our different membership types below.

Why become an LCS member

  • Develop your learning and practice in lean with exclusive access to resources and information.
  • Solve problems, share research and collaborate with like-minded practitioners.
  • Promote your lean credentials to the community through your online digital profile.
  • Access our Continuing Professional Development platform (as a Premium Practitioner Member), providing a framework for ongoing personal development and lifelong learning.

LCS Memberships

Select the membership that’s right for you and register now to join the LCS community.

Guest Membership


For those without an LCS Certificate of Lean Competency

  • LCS newsletters: stay informed with latest LCS news
  • Summaries of reports and articles
  • Access to providers of LCS aligned training
  • Learn about lean events you may wish to attend

Standard Membership


For LCS certificate holders who’d like to join the LCS community.

  • Includes all the benefits of Guest Membership, plus:
  • Access to digital credentials: your professional online CV/resume
  • Access to teaching guides and materials
  • Contribute articles to the LCS website
  • Communicate events you are planning
  • Participate in LCS sponsored research
  • Connect with like-minded practitioners

Premium Membership

£55.00 / year

For LCS practitioners who want a formal professional development framework

  • Includes all the benefits of Guest & Standard Memberships, plus:
  • Access to our exclusive online development platform - LCS Continuing Professional Development
  • Earn an LCS CPD digital badge
  • Sign-up and get a free LCS t-shirt!
  • Receive your welcome message and further instructions upon registration.
  • Note that you will need to pay an annual fee to access PPM & CPD

Find out more about CPD

Available through the LCS Premium Membership, our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) platform is your personal, online continuous improvement tool. It allows you to track and document the skills, knowledge and experience gained both formally and informally as you work.