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Practitioner membership

About the LCS community

The LCS Community is a place where lean practitioners can come together to communicate ideas, debate issues, find information and solve problems. It facilitates ‘peer-to-peer’ learning – that is, when everyone can be both a teacher and a learner – by promoting collaboration, networking, discussion and information sharing, leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the community.

Benefits of becoming a practitioner member

  • Exclusive access to resources and information which allows you to develop your learning and practice in lean.
  • Join in or initiate discussions via our online forum. Solve problems, share research, collaborate with like-minded practitioners and connect or network in private groups.
  • Promote your lean credentials to the community through your online digital profile.
  • Access to LCS Continuing Professional Development as a Premium Practitioner Member, providing a framework for ongoing personal development (set to launch in late 2020).

Resources available

Practitioners have access to a wide range of lean-related resources including videos, articles, downloads, training materials, reports and guides as well as our online forum. Log in to your account or register as a practitioner member to see the LCS resources available, or find out more using the link below.

Types of LCS Membership

There are currently two types - Guest Membership, Standard Practitioner Membership. From late 2020 there will be a third: Premium Membership Membership.


- Get summaries of reports and articles
- Receive LCS newsletters.
- Access providers of LCS aligned training.
- Learn about lean events you may wish to attend.
- Stay informed with the latest LCS news.

Standard Practitioner

- Access teaching guides and material.
- Contribute articles on current issues
- Communicate events you are planning.
- Showcase your digital lean credentials
- Participate in LCS sponsored research.
- Join or initiate discussion on forum topics.
- Collaborate with like minded practitioners.
- Connect and network in private groups.
- Keep up to date via the LCS newsletter.

Premium Practitioner

All the features of Standard Practitioner Membership PLUS access to LCS Continuing Professional Development [coming soon]

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