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Lean continuing professional development

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LCS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) will soon be launching as part of our paid Premium Practitioner Membership offering. Those who are signed up to Premium Practitioner Membership will receive a number of exclusive benefits, including free access to this new personal development platform. Look out for further updates about the launch. Meanwhile, this page shows more details of what you can expect from LCS CPD.

LCS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – the structured approach to continuously improving your Lean Competence.

Key Benefits

  • Consciously and proactively develop your abilities and skills using our online, structured, PDCA model of improvement. LCS endorses your plans and your progress.
  • Be able to demonstrate your commitment to advancing your lean competence to colleagues, the practitioner community or clients. Signal that, whatever your current level, your competency is relevant, growing, informed and well practised.

Accessing CPD

LCS CPD is a key part of the LCS paid Premium Practitioner Membership (PPM) offer, which also includes a range of other benefits. At present, those registering for CPD need to be a Premium Practitioner Member; existing Standard Practitioner Members can upgrade to PPM via the Upgrade link in the Account menu. For more information click here >>>

View an “Introduction to CPD in Six Questions” video (2 mins 40 secs)

Enhance your development with LCS CPD

CPD refers to the process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience that you gain both formally and informally as you work. It is a record of what you experience, learn and then apply.

LCS CPD helps practitioners identify their personal continuous improvement (CI) goals and signals to the wider community that their competency is relevant, growing, informed and well-practiced. LCS CPD complements the current LCS qualification framework by providing a dynamic aspect to a practitioner’s competency.

Viewed as a personal Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model of improvement, CPD Registered practitioners embark on a development journey that aims to embed and strengthen a holistic lean mindset and capability through ongoing goal-setting, CI activities, reflection and self-assessment.

Benefits of LCS CPD

The benefits of embracing ongoing learning and development through CPD:

  • It enables learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive.
  • Engaging in CPD ensures that academic and practical qualifications do not become out of date – there
    is continual upskilling and reskilling.
  • It is a commitment towards advancing and continuously improving your skills throughout your career.
  • The creation of ‘lean habits’ in the way you organise your personal development.
  • Having a robust mechanism to motivate, guide and direct you along your lean professional development path.
  • Opportunities for learning, sharing and networking with other professional practitioners and
    organisations via the CPD network.
  • An LCS CPD certificate and badge is awarded, providing tangible elements of achievement and
    competence to display and communicate.


CPD is aimed at lean or continuous improvement practitioners working in organisations, or lean consultants working with clients on lean-related projects.

The lean element of the role may be full time or part time, though is likely to be a significant element. Practitioners will normally apply on an individual basis, though some organisations may choose to include CPD as part of their LCS Accredited package. At present, those registering for CPD need to be a Premium Practitioner Member.

CPD fees

CPD is part of Premium Practitioner Membership (PPM), which is purchased annually.

PPM Annual Membership

Once you have paid your PPM fee, you can register for CPD, create your A3 plan and start your CPD activities.

  • Initial PPM annual fee £55.00 + VAT
  • Renewal PPM annual fee £45.00 + VAT
  • At the end of your CPD cycle, you can create a new A3 plan for another cycle, including new priorities and development goals.
  • If you achieve your goals in less than 12 months, you can start another CPD cycle immediately.


Key CPD features

The LCS CPD model is lean in essence and has unique features not found in any other CPD approach:

  • CPD cycle using the PDCA model – up to 12 months to complete a cycle.
  • An A3 personal development plan
  • A web based facility to create your plan, log your development activities and link them to your development goals
  • A personal development framework which is self-assessed and self-directed
  • A CPD certificate and digital CPD badge to display on your PPM profile page
  • Flexibility in selecting relevant CPD activities
  • You plan and progress approved and endorsed by the LCS

More information

Click on the link for more information about LCS CPD.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access LCS CPD?

You become an LCS Premium Practitioner Member (PPM), for which there is an annual fee. Standard Practitioner Members can upgrade to PPM through their LCS member accounts.

Do I need to hold an LCS qualification to register for LCS CPD?

At present you need to hold an LCS qualification to register.

How often do I need to update my activity log?

The frequency of updating will depend on the number of relevant activities you choose to do. Ideally, updating should be an ongoing process, rather than batch activities for infrequent updates. The quality of the update is likely to be better if it’s made closer to the time the activity took place.

What checks are made on my CPD?

LCS assessors will need to approve your annual A3 Plan and endorse your periodic progress checks. They may provide comments on these where appropriate.

How long does the CPD cycle last?

A CPD cycle can last up to 12 months. If you achieve all your goals in a shorter time, you can have your overall plan endorsed and create a new plan for your next CPD cycle.

What are those registered for CPD called?

CPD Registered Practitioners

Do I receive a certificate?

Yes, you receive a digital PDF certificate indicating you are CPD Registered. It is valid for one year and new certificate is issued when you renew your Premium Practitioner Membership.

How much activity do I have to undertake to ensure I meet the CPD standard?

LCS CPD does not stipulate a specific number of hours of activity in order for you to be considered "professionally developing". Rather, its approach is based on you providing appropriate activity evidence to back up and justify your self-assessment of progress. The amount and nature of evidence required will vary according to the nature of the goal.

What happens if I don’t do any activities or contribute to my CPD regularly?

If you do not undertake sufficient CPD activities, your progress checks will not be endorsed and your plan will effectively become invalid. If this situation persists you risk your Registered CPD status being suspended or withdrawn.

What sort of activities are considered valid to contribute to my CPD?

Essentially, you decide which activities are valid. These are likely to include ongoing CI activities and specific projects in the workplace, educational and training activities, conferences and seminars, self-study and research, teaching, facilitating, making formal presentations, writing blogs or more formal articles, counselling and mentoring. You should undertake a balanced range of activities covering practice, learning and communication, with practice is likely to be the most significant component, since this is likely to be integral to your job and a continuous activity. Learning is likely to take place periodically, in the form of a short course, seminar, workshop or conference, plus through reading and researching.

Do I need to be working in a full-time CI role to register?

No, though ideally CI activities should be at least half of your work - formally or informally. Note that you need to be employed to register for CPD.

How much lean related work experience do I need before I can register?

The CPD cycle is appropriate whether you are relatively new to lean oriented roles or an experienced practitioner. The main criteria is that you should be working in a role, whether a line or staff, with a significant CI element and you have a desire to continually develop and improve your lean competency.

What is a CPD cycle, how long does it last and what you are expected to achieve within that cycle?

A CPD cycle starts with the creation of your A3 plan and concludes when you have met your goals. It can last up to 12 months, though could be completed in a shorter time, if you undertook sufficient activities that enabled you to achieve your goals. You specify in your A3 plan what you want to achieve in order to develop your competency.

How much time will I need to devote to managing my CPD?

Developing your initial A3 Plan will require considered thought and will take several days to finalise. Once the plan is approved, you should spend no more than 30 minutes a week managing it, primarily on logging your CPD activities.

How much does PPM cost?

The initial PPM fee is UK£55.00 (plus VAT) for 12 months membership. The 12 month renewal PPM fee is UK£45.00 (plus VAT)

What mechanism do I use to plan, update and record CPD activities?

You use the unique LCS CPD web facility linked to your LCS personal profile, which links your plan to your activities and progress assessments.

How will my CPD status be communicated on the LCS website?

Your LCS digital credentials profile will display Premium Practitioner Member and CPD Registered digital badges.

Is CPD undertaken on a private basis or through my employer?

In most cases it will mainly be undertaken on a private basis, though if you work for an accredited employer, it may choose to include CPD in its accreditation package, in which case it may be undertaken through them.

Does the LCS provide a list of suitable CPD learning activities or provide a signposting service?

Information of lean oriented learning events, such as courses and conferences is provided in the LCS Events calendar.

Can I amend my A3 plan during the CPD cycle?

Yes, you can edit your plan if circumstances dictate. However, it is best to avoid significant changes to your goals, since this will impact associated activities already undertaken and progress checks performed.

Registering for PPM

You will be able to upgrade to become a PPM through your online member account – COMING SOON.

Once registered, an option to register for CPD will appear in your account drop down menu.

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