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Continuing Professional Development

February 2021 We’re pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Continuous Professional Development (CPD) facility for LCS practitioners. You now have an opportunity to track and document the skills, knowledge and experience that you gain both formally and informally as you work. Registering for LCS CPD will make sure you not only identify your...

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New CI eLearning Network to Launch in October

10th August 2020

Our new CI eLearning Network will launch in October and aims to provide a forum to discuss and learn about CI eLearning issues, trends, innovations, experiences and best practices. Following feedback from our recent two CI eLearning virtual round tables, we have decided to launch a CI eLearning virtual network...

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Virtual Roundtable – Output Highlights

31st July 2020

The current crisis has challenged the traditional face-to-face CI training delivery approach and many organisations are developing online alternatives. However, questions remain about the online model’s effectiveness in delivering acceptable learning outcomes and its ability to compensate for the absence of physical presence and interactions. Two ‘virtual round tables’ for...

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Should Employers Implement a Culture of Learning?

13th May 2020

The 2020 Workplace Learning Report According to this report recently published and compiled by LinkedIn, to build a culture of learning is fundamental within any existing workspace. This has the merit of improving employees’ engagement and productivity within the workplace. LinkedIn goes as far as producing a comprehensive research model...

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The LCS & Coping with Coronavirus

9th April 2020

Working as normal. The LCS team will be working as normal on accreditation and certification activities during the current crisis, albeit from home rather than in the office. Accreditation flexibility. With the suspension of face to face training, there is less of an immediate need for organisations to accredit, unless...

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The Top 100 Lean Related Books

9th April 2020

If you want to expand and develop your lean knowledge and not sure what you should read, then John Bicheno’s Top 100 Lean Related Books is a great place to start. John started the list in the late 1990’s when developing the world’s first lean master’s programme at LERC, Cardiff...

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LCS’ Dr John Homewood Appointed to New Role

23rd March 2020

Dr John Homewood has been appointed manager at Lean Competency System. He spent over 18 years in the electrical steel industry, from research through operations, technical and improvement management, in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. John’s vocation in business improvement began in 1999 and later, as Manager Lean and...

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