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Level 2b Upgrade Case Study

Use this form for the case study to support your application to upgrade from L2a to L2b via the APLE route


LCS Level 2b Upgrade APLE Application - Case Study


Be sure you are signed in as a Guest or Practitioner Member before you start the form, as this will allow you to save it, and return to a draft at a later date after logging out. Note that there is a 'save draft' button at the foot of the form.

Add the details of your case study to the sections in form below.

The word limit for the case study is 2,500 words. Each section has its own word limit and a word counter will indicate how many words you have used in each section.

You can upload to the form supporting documents, such as A3's, presentations, graphics and tables. You can upload up to six documents, that must not be more that 8mb each in size. If you have larger files, use a file transfer service, such as WeTransfer.

You should complete a checklist at the end confirming that you demonstrated the case scope encompassed a value stream, key process or organisational unit, the case was strategic or transformational in nature, your role involved planning, design and implementation responsibility, plus a leadership dimension, you used lean/CI improvement methods and techniques, you discussed the case results, impact and sustainability, you critically reflected on the case and have an endorsement from a stakeholder.


Case Study Details

0 of 350 max words
350 words maximum. Word count shown above.
0 of 450 max words
450 words maximum. Word count shown above.
0 of 600 max words
600 words maximum. Word count shown above.
0 of 600 max words
600 words maximum. Word count shown above.
0 of 400 max words
400 words maximum. Word count shown above.
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100 words maximum. Word count shown above.
7. Files Upload

Maximum file size: 16MB

Up to 6 files, each no more than 16mb in size

Case Checklist

Check the boxes to confirm each statement: *

Consent and Submit

Check that the form is complete, indicate you consent to data collection and storage, add today's date and then click submit.
Consent or not to Lean Competency Services Ltd collecting and storing data from this form for the purpose of assessing the L2 APLE certification application.