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SME to Standard Accreditation

Use this form to provide details of your courses and assessments when changing your accreditation from SME to Standard

Transferring from SME to Standard Accreditation
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1.0 Guidance

Transferring from SME to Standard Accreditation means you will be responsible for the knowledge aspect of course assessment, as well as the practical aspect. Therefore, you need to submit evidence of your capability to deliver effective knowledge assessments.

Describe how you will deliver knowledge tests for your existing courses in this form (as well as the practical elements). Do not include new courses that were not delivered under your SME Accreditation.

The assessment approach should be consistent with the key assessment LCS principles:
i) There should be a knowledge test for each LCS level where a certificate is awarded.
ii) There should be implementation evidence linked to courses (except 1a).
iii) An appropriate training course should be delivered for each LCS level where a certificate is awarded.

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2.0 Organisation Details

The entity that is already accredited.

2.2 Current LCS Levels

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