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Transferring from SME to Standard Accreditation
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1.2 Current LCS Levels
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2.0 Guidance

Learners need to demonstrate both knowledge and practical capability for each LCS level through which they progress, except for Level 1a, where only the knowledge aspect applies. Demonstrating knowledge is typically achieved through a test, while there are several ways to demonstrate practical capability.

For LCS levels 1b and 1c, evidence of a learner’s practical capability can be in a variety of formats. The learner should have played a meaningful role in the activity, usually as part of a team with a specific role or on an individual basis. The evidence should be endorsed by an appropriate manager/stakeholder to signify it is an accurate account of what happened.

For LCS Level 2, the evidence of the practical capability should be more formal, through, for example, an assessed project implementation report, clearly demonstrating aspects such as leadership, planning and advanced lean knowledge.

The approach should be consistent with key assessment LCS principles:
i) There should be a knowledge test for each LCS level where a certificate is awarded.
ii) There should be implementation evidence linked to courses (except 1a).
iii) An appropriate training course should be delivered for each LCS level where a certificate is awarded.


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