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Litmos Testing Information

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Test Structure, Method & Preparation


Welcome to your test information web page. Information on the test method and structure is shown below, while general advice can be seen via the General Advice & Technical tab. When you are ready to start the test, log into your Litmos account and begin course; click on the Taking the Test tab for more info.

  • The test will contains which are multiple-choice (eg select one of four options).
  • You will receive email notifications when the test window is open, and reminders of when it will be closing.
  • You are allowed two attempts at the test during the window.
  • The pass mark will be specified in the emails distributed before your test and you will receive a system message with your result as soon as you have finished and submitted the test. Marks are rounded up (manually) to the next whole number if they include a fraction (this takes place after the initial results have been communicated).
  • Along with your test score, you will be shown those questions that you answered incorrectly. This will help you focus on the right topic areas when revising if you need to re-sit.
  • You will see your time remaining to complete the test (a countdown timer will be shown).
  • Your answers are saved as you submit each one, not at the end of the test. This means you will not lose any work.
  • The test cannot be paused; you must finish it in one sitting.
  • The test is ‘open book’ – that is, you can refer to course material, reference books, web pages, etc.
  • One question per page is shown.
  • All questions must be answered and you must provide an answer for a question before you can proceed to the next question; you can change answers by back-tracking at any stage (within the time limit).
  • Avoid using the browser back button as this will not work. Use the Previous button which will be under your Questions.
  • Access to test by clicking the link in your Litmos login email. You will need your Litmos logins which were emailed to you prior to the test.


General advice

  • Before taking your Test, make sure you are in an environment where you will not be disturbed.
  • Your answers are saved as you submit each one, not at the end of the Test. This means you will not lose any work.
  • If the Test has a time limit, you will see a countdown timer at the top of each page. If you run out of Time, the Test will be finished automatically and any answers on the current page will also be submitted for you so you will not lose any work.
  • Avoid using the browser back button as this will not work. IF the Test is set to allow you to go back to Previous questions, use the “Previous” button which will be under your Questions.

How to avoid being logged out of a test

  1. Stay connected to the Internet during your Test.
  2. Do not click away from the Test until you have submitted your answers and finished the Test.
  3. If you need to type answers, type your answers in the answer boxes under each question, not in a separate application like MS Word.


  • If your Test page freezes, you can always click refresh on your web browser and the Test will again load on the same Question/s you were on. Note: If you have written any long answers on the frozen page, make a copy of these answer/s first so you do not lose them.
  • If your Computer or Web browser has a problem or they are closed, using the same Web browser, re-open your Web browser go to the Start Link for the Test and you will be taken back to the last question you were on, where you will be able to resume your Test.
  • I have forgotten my password! Use the Forgot password link and follow the instructions. Remember: Check your Spam folder for the reset password email just in case!

If you experience technical problems when taking the test, email

To start the test, please log into your Litmos account to begin. Do not attempt to log in before the date the test window opens. Declaration: By accessing the test area and taking the test you agree to:

  • not seek any assistance from other persons in answering questions
  • undertake it on an individual basis
  • not to take the test in a group setting
  • not take copies of questions or communicate them to any other party.
  • allow LCS Ltd to store personal data relating to the test (your name, email address and test results) for the purposes of test administration only.