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CBS Undergraduates LCS Qualification

Additional Learning & Qualification Opportunity for CBS Undergraduates

Cardiff Business School is pleased to offer its students a unique opportunity to gain a valuable business related qualification: the Certificate of Lean Competency at Level 1a. This will enhance your business knowledge, provide a skill that is relevant to many jobs and so improve your overall employability.

This online course was developed in partnership with Reinvigoration, a world leader in Operational Excellence e-learning design and development services, to ensure that you receive the highest quality training experience.

1. Enrolment

You enrol on the LCS accredited eLearning course by entering your details on the dedicated Reinvigoration E-learning checkout page.

2. Payment

You pay a course fee of £54 by card, PayPal or using a mobile payment application. This is an exclusive Business School student rate and represents a significant discount off the full market price, which is £318.00


3. Course modules

The course has three modules, each taking approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete:

  1. Team Based Problem Solving
    1. This e-learning module has been designed to help you develop a practical and hands-on approach to problem-solving within a workplace environment.
    2. The module is supported throughout with an interactive case study, allowing learners to apply the theory taught to enhance their learning experience.
    3. At the end of the module learners can download a summary of the problem solving process as taught, together with a key A3 problem solving template for future use.
  2. Operations Excellence Management System
    1. This e-learning module focuses on the 10 fundamental operations ways of working that should exist in all service teams, discussing what should be in place and why, as well as highlighting the key benefits.
    2. Upon completion, learners are able to download a team roadmap suggesting a simple plan to put their learning into action within their team after the course.
  3. Lean Service Awareness
    1. A 60-minute online module suitable for any professional seeking an insight into Lean thinking and why it is so popular.
    2. This highly practical course will leave you with ideas that you can apply within a working environment.

There are optional post-course resources to support learning.

4. Assessment

At the end of the course there is a 30 question online multiple choice test.

5. Certification

On passing the test you are issued with an LCS Certificate of Lean Competency

Please click the button below to enrol online

Note: one enrolment/login per payment.

You will be redirected to a payment page and will receive your individual logins directly into your mailbox upon successful receipt of payment.

When registering, add Cardiff Business School in the Company field

Please note that we will use the email address provided at the checkout to automatically create your Reinvigoration E-learning logins.


Lean Thinking & the LCS

Lean thinking is about focussing on activities that add value for the customer by removing waste and barriers to smooth process flow. The application of Lean Thinking principles and techniques has grown significantly over the past three decades and they are now used in commercial, industrial and public service sectors globally.

The LCS was created by the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff Business School in 2005. Check out the list of LCS accredited organisations, which include some of the world’s leading companies.


Reinvigoration is an LCS accredited UK-based consultancy and training provider specialising in integrating Operational Excellence with innovation and cutting-edge technologies to transform service operations. It has over 8 years’ experience supporting LCS students from level 1a to 3b and is proud to be amongst the very few training providers accredited at all three levels of the LCS pathway.