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Verification of LCS qualifications or certificates

Screening or pre-employment check information

The LCS does not hold records of individuals’ LCS qualifications and cannot verify them. This task can be undertaken by the accredited organisation that originally issued the certifcate.

Issuer of LCS Certificates

Lean Competency System certificates are issued by accredited training organisations (which are either organisation/company in-house training departments or consultancies) following the successful completion of one of their training programmes and these organisations are the primary holders of candidate records.

They should be the first port of call when the validity of a qualification is being checked. The person being checked/verified should be able to inform you of the organisation that provided the training. Therefore, the certificate would have come from:

  • his or her employer
  • a consultant working for his or her employer
  • a public training course delivered by an accredited consultant or Cardiff Business School (including the Lean Enterprise Research Centre)

The LCS certificate issued will also contain the logo of the issuing organisation, in addition to the LCS and Cardiff University logos..

If the issuing organisation no longer exists or it is unable to verify, you can forward a copy of the certificate to the to the LCS¬†which may be able to provide a qualified statement on the certificate’s authenticity.

Digital Credentials

Those with LCS certificates can opt to add verified qualifications to their LCS member profile, so you may be able to check a qualification this way. Click here >>> to visit the LCS community members page and search for a member and view their profile.

Further Information

For a list of accredited organisations, click here >>>

Visit the LCS FAQs page >>> for answers to other questions about LCS certificates.