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Forum Instructions

New to the LCS forum? We’re here to help you get started. Our forum instructions explain how to sign up, get involved and start talking lean. You’ll be an active member of our forum in no time. If you still have any unanswered questions after reading the instructions, get in touch by emailing us on

If you are already registered as a guest or practitioner, please read our forum instructions from What do I do now? to help you start posting! If you are yet to register, continue to How do I sign up?

How do I sign up?

  1. Click on the ‘Register’ icon in the top right-hand corner of the LCS Website.
  2. If you want to register as an LCS Practitioner (ie you have an LCS certificate at any level), select LCS Practitioner Membership. Otherwise, select LCS Guest Membership.
  3. Click ‘Register now
  4. Fill in the required fields and click ‘Register’.

That’s it! You’re all signed up.

What do I do now?

Now that you’ve signed up, you can communicate with other lean forum members by posting questions, commenting on threads or articles and discussing topics related to lean. We like to think of it as a knowledge exchange, where everyone can share information and simultaneously benefit from the knowledge of others.

From revealing your own lean successes to posting questions or simply commenting on an existing discussion, any member can start a discussion or a topic on the public forum, so don’t be afraid to start asking questions or putting a new discussion to the group.

Where do I post?

We have two forum sections; public and private. The public forums are open to anyone who is a member, allowing you to participate on all topics. The private forum is restricted to members who have been invited to specific threads.

Public forum:

It can sometimes be difficult to know where to post on a forum. That is why we have tried to make ours as easy to follow as possible by creating clear topic categories. This is to help users know exactly where to post and get the most out of their forum experience.

To find out what kinds of topics are discussed in each section, simply click on the heading links under ‘Public’ and read the introductory text. This should help to provide an explanation of what the section is for.

Private forum

The private forum is for specific members or groups to discuss topics that are perhaps confidential or only relevant to them. It could be a select group that have attended a networking event, or an industry-specific group of lean managers, or those in the same LCS accredited organisation.

To set up a private forum topic, simply contact with your private forum topic and then provide a list of email addresses including people you would like to invite.

Starting a Discussion Thread

You can start your own public discussion thread from the Forum home page via the Questions and Answers or General threads. The former can be used if you have a specific question to ask or issue to raise, while the latter can be used for anything else.

For example, to post a question, click on Questions and Answers and then under Create New Topic in “Questions and Answers” add in a topic title (eg the specific question) and then add text in the box below that provides a bit more detail.

Click Submit when you have finished and check the Notify me of follow-up replies via email box if you want to be alerted of follow up comments.

Note that if you click Subscribe on any forum topic, you will receive an email alerting you when a new post is made on that topic.

Forum Badges

We like to be visual at LCS and member profiles display a series of badges indicating their forum status and activity. There are badges for Active Members who made at least one post in the last 10 days and for Top Contributors who have made at least 10 posts in the last 30 days.

Similarly, there are badges indicating a member’s role in managing forums, for example as a Moderator or Community Assistant.