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Improving How to Improve Webinar Outputs

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This page contains the outputs of the Improving How to Improve webinar that took place on 12th October 2022. The session introduced the new 3D Workplace book by James Lascelles and Rob Maguire and included a series of polls for participants that addressed issues and challenges raised in the book.

The recording of the session includes comments on each of the poll results. The winners of the prize draw for a signed copy of The 3D Workplace book are listed at the foot of the page.

3DW website

Mentimeter Poll Results

Download a PDF of the presentation and poll results by clicking the box below.

Poll Results

The final poll question asked participants to write three words that described the value of The 3D Workplace book:

Some participant comments made during the session

"The graph in the back really adds to the insight from the data, above just the raw average - interesting tool!"
"Re team-by-team: I could also see some value from surfacing ideas and information on improvements, even if non-project change is already happening?."
"I love this thought provocation here around ‘when does the org become too big/abstract to just go and see/ask what’s going on’ …and how much value should be placed on objective data vs opinions/observations in different situations"
"I feel the previous poll results could come from a common challenge of ‘how can you help me to help my colleagues to engage with these new ideas/methods quickly’ when they’re so busy"
"Thank you so much. This has been a fascinating and wonderfully interactive session"
"Given the observations in the polls and the discussion just now, about the leadership dimension and the importance of this element to make the other 3 dimensions successful, perhaps you may grow to 4D in due course. Thanks again."

Session Video Recording

Prize Draw Winners

The winners of a signed The 3D Workplace book:

  1. Jack Armstrong
  2. Fe Bush
  3. Scott Gibson
  4. Hayley Taylor
  5. Leane Silva
  6. Corinne Cannenpasse
  7. Lesley Flood
  8. Gerry Ravenscroft
  9. Balvindar Chahal
  10. Julie Nicholaides