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The LCS in Secondary Education: Workshop Outputs

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This page contains the outputs of the LCS in Secondary Education workshop that took place on 15th February 2023. It explored how LCS accreditation has been applied in a secondary school and discussed the support requirements needed to maximise its impact and sustainability.

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Participant comments made in the session

"The guys at University in Tromso are amazing!"
"The benefit to the learner is not LCS. The benefit is the shared experience of collaborating through project delivery that develops the knowledge, skillset and mindset"
"LCS could be used as a vehicle to deliver the EPQ"
"Could you work with local council on things like rubbish; fly tipping for example where students could use the 1b tools and techniques on a real project. Could you ask local businesses if they need any assistance with BI related projects."
"Do you have a Lean Forum in your area? Here in Cumbria we have a Cumbria Lean Forum with local businesses who are members. That would allow links between organisations who are doing lean to perhaps work with you as a school. Perhaps providing real examples, site visits and maybe projects to work on."
"What other schools will want to know is the tangible benefit for the investment."
"Pearson education have just launched a manifesto on creative problem solving as part of a proposed new GCSE in Design and Technology. Might be worth a conversation with them?."
"I would endorse the canteen project Unipart adopted this approach and had good success as did a number of prisons"
"Thank you Mark. A great presentation and a wonderful opportunity to help generate CI professionals of the future."

Session Video Recording

Join the Lean Schools Network

To continue the discussion started by this workshop, the LCS is creating a Lean Schools Network to provide a forum to consider how lean thinking can be introduced to pupils in secondary schools through the LCS or by any other means

The network is for lean practitioners with an interest spreading continuous improvement in schools and for teaching professionals who are curious to learn about the advantages and benefits of its application.

Depending on the level of interest, regular virtual events will be organised to share experiences, debate issues, problem solve and develop strategies. The network will be 'user driven', with the LCS playing a facilitating role.

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