Use this form if you are already LCS accredited and want to extend your accreditation levels (up to Level 2)

LCS Levels Extension Application Form

1. Organisation & Background

Select as many as appropriate
Select as many as appropriate

2. New Course(s) Information


For each new course, list its title, aim, learning outcomes, topics covered, teaching staff and learning hours.

Learning outcomes are statements about what participants should know and/or be able to do at the end of the course. In learning time, show the number of contact hours and how these are organised over a particular time period. Learning time can include class based face-to-face teaching, web based learning, post course activities, assessments, self-study, follow up reading and research, and work based learning.

Note that example documents relating to courses can be uploaded to this form in Section 3

You can add courses by clicking the + Add button. Number each course submitted using the course number field (1, 2, 3 etc).

2.1 Courses

2.2 List of courses

Indicate the teaching approaches used. Tick all that apply.
Provide details, such as A3's, project reports, portfolios, interviews, presentations, etc.
Will new delivery staff teach on the course(s)?
These will be additional to those already listed in your original accreditation submission
Maximum upload size: 8MB
Provides details, such as tests, exams, interviews, presentations, etc.

3. Training Material Examples

Maximum upload size: 8MB
Provide a representative sample of material, such as presentations, tests, project templates, workbooks, guides. Upload up to ten files, each no larger than eight mb. Contact the LCS is you wish to submit more files or very large files.

4. Consent and Submission

Check that the form is complete, indicate you consent to data collection and storage, add today's date and then click submit.

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