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Levels Extension Application Form

Use this form if you are already LCS accredited and want to extend your accreditation levels

LCS Levels Extension Application
  • 1 - Instructions & Contact Details
  • 2 - Supporting Information
  • 3 - Consent & Submit
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Make sure you are logged in as a Guest or Practitioner Member before starting the form, as it will then be saved, allowing you to return to it if you leave the site. 

Start by entering organisation and contact information, current accredited levels and the new level(s) required.

For New Levels at 1 & 2

List the course you will deliver aligned to a specific level, including its title, aims, learning outcomes, topics covered and learning hours.

Describe the assessment methods to be used to test knowledge and practical competence and indicate how the course will be delivered and, if applicable, list new training staff. You should upload examples of teaching and assessment material where indicated.

When you add a new level to your accreditation you should update your current LCS Alignment Matrix (AM), which indicates how your course aligns with the LCS qualifications framework and there is provision to upload a new version in the form. If you cannot access your matrix, contact the LCS. You can download a blank document below.

Download the AM template here:

LCS Alignment Matrix Excel 2201.1

Level Descriptors

You may want to refer to the LCS Level Descriptors when you are developing new courses. Click on the link to access these and to download a full PDF copy or for individual levels.
LCS Level Descriptors

For Level 3

You are required to outline your approach to candidate guidance and provide biographical information on your advisors.

Note that form numbering may not be sequential, as fields shown will be dependent on previous selections made.

1. Organisation & Background

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