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European Network Event, Utrecht: Follow Up Resources

On 5th October we held a European Network Event in Utrecht. The event was the perfect opportunity to connect with our accredited organisations in The Netherlands and offer our practitioner members the chance to connect with others within our lean community, listen to inspirational presentations and foster new collaborations. Have a look at what was discussed below.

Delegate Evaluation

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Some quotes

On the LCS, “the international Lean community sees it as valuable [certification]”

“The biggest result from using the LCS is that the organisation has opened up to improvement”


Lean Instituut @ Verbeteen

Title: A systematic and multidisciplinary approach of changing behaviour in Healthcare

Speakers: Robert van Kleeff (Lean Coach & PhD candidate Utrecht University) and Linda Youssef (Lean Coach).

Download presentation >>>

Colette Roetgering, Bycc

Title: Lean Management as a System

Download presentation >>>

José Franken, University of Twente

Title: LCS accreditation as a mean to come to a lean way of working at the university

Download presentation >>>

Jan Heijneman, UPD

Title: Importance of the strategic LCS competency level and how to achieve it

Download presentation >>>

Jacco Deirkauf, Hillfive

Title: Thriving for CI in a private equity company

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The event also included a demonstration of LEANmeter, developed by Lean Capability Builders. This is a tool to help identify strengths and areas of improvement. Check out the LEANmeter website >>>


2022 Webinar Programme


The LCS Autumn 2022 webinar programme provides a great opportunity to find out more about LCS accreditation, certification and continuing professional development. Informative sessions on LCS services last less than an hour and provide a time efficient way to gather key facts, plus you can discuss queries with LCS presenters.

There are also sessions focusing on special topics and themes, which are more educational in nature, involving participant interaction and generating unique insights.


Topics include the Level 3 Programme, An Introduction to LCS Continuing Professional Development, How to Become LCS Accredited and Using Accreditation to Help Embed Continuous Improvement. The sessions are ideal for practitioners considering personal development opportunities and for organisations or consultancies thinking about becoming accredited.


Click on the links to register. Note: all webinars are FREE OF CHARGE

  • Improving how to Improve – featuring the new book “The 3D Workplace”

  • Using Accreditation to Help Embed Continuous Improvement 

  • An Introduction to the Kata Competency System

  • An Introduction to LCS Continuing Professional Development 

  • The Level 3 Programme

  • How to be Accredited

Collaboration Partnership for India Established

The LCS is pleased to announce a new collaboration to develop the LCS in India and has appointed Value Weaver Consulting as its exclusive partner in India.

This is the first agency agreement for the LCS and signals its commitment to establishing the LCS as a major Lean qualification in the sub continent..

As the LCS representative in India, Value Weaver will develop the market for LCS accreditation, certification and assessments, as well as seek to develop new associated services to meet specific market needs.

 “This is a landmark moment for the LCS, and it signals our intent to develop the market in a structured and orderly manner. Lean thinking is already well established in the region and we believe the agency approach will help in its further adoption in organisations and accelerate competency development among the practitioner community”.

LCS Director, Simon Elias

Value Weaver Role

Value Weaver provides advisory, consulting expertise and training services to guide customers to successfully accomplish LCS accreditations and then to get the best value out of their lean transformation journeys. It aims to develop its services and innovate under the LCS umbrella and customise its offering around clients’ requirements.

“As a management consulting firm with clients across the globe, Value Weaver works very closely with its clients to build a continuous improvement culture, focusing on a continually value-adding customer experience and highly efficient ways of working. A very important part of the lean transformation is upskilling staff, so they think about the customer first and have the right capabilities to problem solve and improve processes. LCS accreditation and certification plays a pivotal role in this.”

Aashish Bhagat, Value Weaver Managing Partner

More information

Contact Value Weaver

Value Weaver website

Brochure download

The Lean Learner T-Shirt Series Offer

To celebrate the launch of LCS Continuing Professional Development we are introducing the exclusive Lean Learner T-Shirt Series and offering new sign ups a free t-shirt when they start their CPD cycle!

  • Impress your colleagues with your wisdom!
  • Guaranteed to lead to intelligent conversations at parties!
  • Signal to commitment to ongoing learning and path to guru status!

We are excited to introduce a new range of t-shirts developed by the LCS team, with a free t-shirt presented to those CPD registered with an A3 plan in place. Our collection is a perfect complement for those starting their CPD journey with us and features three quotes from some interesting historical thinkers – namely Gandhi, Michelangelo and former US President Harry Truman.

LCS Continuing Professional Development

The LCS CPD platform offers an easy-to-use and accessible online facility to structure your personal development process:

  • You create an A3 plan – your roadmap to personal improvement – containing personal goals for your development cycle.
  • You log activities you undertake to achieve your goals.
  • You periodically self assess your progress,
  • The LCS provides feedback, approves plans and endorses progress.

For more information and to register, click here >>>.

Continuing Professional Development

February 2021

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Continuous Professional Development (CPD) facility for LCS practitioners. You now have an opportunity to track and document the skills, knowledge and experience that you gain both formally and informally as you work.

Registering for LCS CPD will make sure you not only identify your personal continuous improvement goals, but also signal to the wider community that your competency is relevant, growing, informed and well-practised.

The LCS CPD can make a real difference to your professional development. Key points:

  • It presents a radical and inherently lean alternative to traditional CPD approaches.
  • It uses an innovative model based on Plan-Do-Check-Act.
  • It uses a slick web-based CPD planning and management system.
  • It’s low cost, easy maintenance.
  • It’s accessed via the new LCS Premium Practitioner Membership

Check out the short video guide on how it works, its benefits, how it can be accessed and click on the links for further information.

Webinar: An introduction to LCS CPD

Attend a 45-minute webinar that introduces LCS CPD, which will cover its features, benefits and how to register. You can also ask questions and provide feedback on the approach. Sessions will take place on 19th February and 19th March. Click here to register >>>

Further information

2020 Autumn Webinar Programme

Welcome to the LCS Webinars

The LCS Autumn webinar programme provides a great opportunity to find out more about LCS accreditation and certification. Lasting less than an hour, they offer a time efficient way to gather key information, plus you can ask questions and discuss with LCS presenters.


Topics include the Level 3 Programme, How to Become LCS Accredited and Using Accreditation to Help Embed Continuous Improvement. Note that we may be adding further topics as the autumn progresses. The sessions are ideal for practitioners considering personal development opportunities and for organisations or consultancies thinking about becoming accredited.


Click on the links to register free of charge: