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How to set up your free LCS digital credentials profile

LCS has recently launched a brand-new digital credentials platform, allowing LCS practitioners to showcase their qualifications online!

As an LCS member, you are now able to join the digital credentials movement and promote your professional profile online for free, with the brand-new LCS digital credentials facility. Create your profile, showcase your verified qualifications, add links to digital certificates and then share your credentials via LinkedIn, email signatures, personal websites and more, to enhance your digital professional profile.

Here’s how to set up your free profile

Before we get started…

To set up a digital credentials profile, you must be an LCS Practitioner Member with an online LCS account. If you have an LCS qualification, but do not yet have an account, you can set one up for free by clicking here. If you have an account but forgotten your password, reset it by clicking here.

Watch the 2 minute set up guide video

Step 1: Logging in

Visit the LCS website and use the login section to log in to your account. Once logged in, click Account, then My Profile (as shown below).

Step 2: Where to edit your profile

You should now be on your empty profile. Find the Edit Profile button in the top right-hand corner and this will take you to an editable page, where you can start completing the fields.

Step 3: Time to start creating your profile

Let’s start adding the information to your profile!

Top tip – Take some extra time to fill out as much of your profile as possible and write a considered biography, so that it portrays your professional abilities accurately and authentically.

Information to add:

  • Personal information:
    • Name, employer, position, photo, location, social media links.
  • LCS qualifications.
  • Other relevant CI related qualifications.
  • Background information:
    • General personal profile information.
  • Other education.
  • Previous employment.

When adding LCS or other CI related qualifications, you must upload evidence that corroborates your entry, such as the certificate that was awarded.

You can also upload complementary information that supports your other lean/CI related qualifications, such as project reports, presentations or articles.

Click Update when you have completed each section.

Step 4: We’ll review your changes and get back to you

LCS Administrators will then review and approve the LCS or CI qualifications you added. Once approved, the changes will appear on your profile.

Step 5: Let’s start promoting your digital profile online!

Now it’s all set up, it’s time to start shouting about your profile! Synchronise it with your LinkedIn profile, share it on your social media channels, add it to your email signature and professional websites and even use it to accompany your CV during job applications.

Read our article to learn more about how to maximise the impact of your digital credentials profile.

Other handy features & assets

Download LCS digital award badges for your profile

You can display a digital award badge in a range of media, including your email footer or on printed material.

Download here >>>

Create a personal URL for your digital credentials profile

Coming soon.


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