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Why Digital Credentials are now more important than ever

Digital credentials, upskilling and digital transformation are the professional buzzwords of 2020 – and it’s no surprise that digital is bigger than ever after the world went into lockdown.

For many businesses, digital transformation has become the ‘new normal’ and for individuals, upskilling and making sure you have a killer professional digital profile has never been more important.

At LCS, we wanted to make it easier for qualified members to showcase their verified credentials online. That’s why we recently launched a brand-new free digital credentials platform, for practitioners to create a public profile and upload their competencies and achievements to it. This can then be synchronised with your LinkedIn profile, email signatures or digital resumes.

Before we tell you how to set up your new digital credentials profile, first we’re going to tell you why having one an absolute must in today’s professional climate.

The ultimate tool for career development

Did you know that 87% of people rate professional career growth as an important factor to them in a job? This, coupled with the fact that digital credentials are here to stay, offers a solid reason for creating a strong digital profile, which is absolutely vital in today’s competitive environment.

The LCS digital credentials platform not only offers a digital space to display all your life’s achievements, but it also levels the playing field with peers who are already displaying their credentials online. Basically, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon!

Get the recognition you deserve

If you’ve worked hard to get where you are; taking the opportunity to achieve qualifications and progress your career, why not show that off and get the recognition you deserve? Gone are the days of hand delivered CV’s – we’re now lucky enough to have a digital space at our fingertips to showcase our professional achievements.

Your LCS digital credentials profile is a free tool that can synchronise with your LinkedIn profile, digital CV, email signature (and more) for all to appreciate.

Find out how to add your credentials to your LinkedIn profile here.

Bring your CV into the current digital climate

Traditional CV’s become quickly outdated, are only visible to those they’re sent to and typically only show ‘point-in-time’ achievements. What about all the other achievements you’re continuously working towards as part of your ongoing career-based learning?

Moving from only showing your CV to chosen employers, to having it out there for all to see, opens up a world of opportunity. Using an online web link for your professional profile also makes sharing details about your credentials or abilities super simple.

Show continual learning

The LCS digital credentials platform is easy to update and enables you to continuously add to your profile every time you update your skills or qualifications. This paints a real-time picture of your abilities, rather than displaying just historic achievements.

It’s the ideal way to let your employer and the community know that you are continuously striving to improve your skills and your professional profile. All it takes is small, consistent updates to your digital profile and it’s there for all to see!

Ready to set up your free digital credentials profile? Here’s how!

If you need no more convincing and are ready to set-up your profile, doing so couldn’t be easier. Here’s how…

  1. To set up your digital credentials profile, you must be an LCS practitioner member, with an LCS Practitioner Membership account. If you do not yet have an account, you can set one up for free here, providing you hold an LCS Certificate of Lean Competency.
  2. If you’re already a member, simply log in to your LCS account, select ‘My Profile’ and follow the instructions to complete your profile.
  3. Use this accompanying information (and the various tabs) to help you fill out your profile.
  4. Once it’s all filled in and you’ve hit save, you’re all set up! Now simply use this guide to help share your profile with others.


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