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Leveraging Lean for a More Environmentally Friendly Business

Leveraging Lean for a More Environmentally Friendly Business

Due to the growing pressures on businesses to take a much greener approach, many companies are finding additional resources to help them become more environmentally friendly. Implementing a lean strategy, however, can actually help businesses to become eco-friendly organically without the need for significant investment.

Central to the lean approach is to cut out unnecessary waste in processes and refine operations so they focus on activities that add value for the customer. This often includes tackling aspects such as energy, power, pollution and environmental waste and streamlining these areas will have a very positive impact on the environment and will immediately result organisations becoming greener.

Aside from being better for the environment, there are actually several business advantages to becoming a greener company. Here are a few ways that using lean to become eco-friendlier will help improve your results.

1. It can save you money

The costs of running a business are constantly increasing due to the rising prices of materials and customer demand for lower prices. That is why more and more companies are adopting a lean approach, to help them cut out money-wasting processes and save on unnecessary spending. Operations that include excessive consumption, energy and waste are often the first to target, therefore saving your business real cash, whilst also delivering a more positive impact on the environment.

2. Going green is good for business marketing

Promoting yourself as a green company adds to your business’s brand value. Consumers are often discouraged by companies with a reputation of being wasteful and will actively seek out those who promote a positive environmental message. Lean businesses are already well-known for being more environmentally friendly and are therefore in a good position to promote a positive environmental message to other businesses. Not only is this a good way to generate more exposure for your business but it also helps to build a positive reputation for your brand.

3. Attract higher quality employees

According to a recent survey, eight in ten employees would rather work for an environmentally ethical organisation. The increase in global environmental concern has encouraged a shift in career priorities, with more people looking for jobs that make a difference, as well as just an income. Being an environmentally conscious organisation will attract higher quality people to your company and therefore strengthen your business.

4. Get the edge over your competitors

Business in any industry is highly competitive, which is why organisations need to go the extra mile to get the edge over their competitors. Showing your customers that you believe in more than just money is much more likely to get them to invest in you. By adopting lean, you are demonstrating to consumers that you are determined to impact the environment in a positive way, therefore encouraging customers to select you over other competitors.

5. Make your company more productive

Environmentally friendly organisations tend to adopt a more optimistic attitude, which has a knock-on effect of enhanced productivity. Many label this the “virtuous circle” as the positive efforts that go into making the company better for the environment has a direct influence on the productivity and motivation of the employees too. This generates an ongoing cycle of company efficiency and employee satisfaction, building a much stronger foundation for your business.

If you would like some more information on the positive effects of lean, take a look at our website:


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