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Iraklis Lampadariou

Continuous Improvement Learning Content Designer at HMRC & Director of Speak Greek

Member since: November 2022

LCS Qualifications

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Awarded: November 2022 - HM Revenue & Customs

Certificate Reference: 501/2022

Awarded: November 2023 - HM Revenue & Customs

Certificate Reference: 610/2023


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I am on a mission to bring innovative ideas into life that utilise cost-effective technological solutions, collaboration of stakeholders and addressing customer pain points for a sound delivery of tailored services. I take pride in championing a Continuous Improvement (CI) attitude focusing on solutions rather than highlighting areas that require improvement. Having an extensive working experience on implementing change and lean thinking in both private sector and the UK Civil Service, I joined forces with the CI Team at The Insolvency Service as a CI Manager. I have won the LCS Impact Award for Improving Customer Service in 2022 for my self-employed business that scored a 6.5/7 on the CI Maturity Assessment provided by the ICiPS in 2023. I take pride in developing others as the most valuable asset for any organisation are its people. Coming from a teaching background, I highly prioritise designing of learning products, facilitating sessions and enhancing the learning experience considering accessibility.


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