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Digital Credentials

Now Live!


About digital credentials

You may have heard the buzzwords digital credentials being increasingly talked about, particularly in this new era of digital transformation. Digital credentials are an easy way to help you communicate your skills and achievements online and share them digitally.

LCS Practitioner Members can now join the movement of digital credentials and promote their professional profile online, with the brand new LCS digital credentials profile.

Create your profile, showcase qualifications online, create links to digital certificates and then share these credentials across multiple online channels to enhance your professional presence.

Why set up a profile?

  • To publicise your qualifications and credentials and make them more accessible to employers and peers.
  • To synchronise your LCS certification with your LinkedIn profile.
  • To enhance your professional profile at zero cost to you.
  • To bring your CV into the current digital world.
  • To simplify sharing details about your qualifications and capabilities.

Which qualifications?

Your digital credentials profile can display a range of your qualifications, including:


  • LCS Certificates of Lean Competency
  • CI/lean related awards, certificates and diplomas, in areas such as Lean Six Sigma, Agile and Project Management
  • Academic qualifications related to lean/CI, for example diplomas or degrees in general management, business or engineering

Note that you will need to provide evidence that verifies your credentials. You can also add supporting information about your learning and practical achievements, such as presentations, reports or articles.


Your Profile Page Explained

This is what your public facing digital profile looks like:

Digital profile page explained



How can I set up my free profile?

You must be an LCS Practitioner Member with an online account in order to set up a digital credentials profile. If you have an LCS qualification but do not yet have an account, you can set one up by clicking here >>>.

If you have an account but forgotten your password, reset it by clicking here >>>

Watch this two minute set up guide

Step 1

On the LCS home page, login to your LCS account and select My Profile

Step 2

Click on Edit Profile

You can update or add the following:

  • Personal information
    • Name, employer, position, photo, location, social media links
  • LCS qualifications
  • Other relevant CI related qualifications
  • Background information
    • General personal profile information
    • Other education information
    • Previous employment

You can upload complementary information that supports your other lean/ci related qualifications, such as project reports, presentations or articles. If you do this, make sure there are no IP/copyright or confidentiality restrictions and you are comfortable that the information can be accessed by the public.

Click Update when you have completed each section

For qualification changes, you will receive a message: “Thank you – your update will be reviewed by a member of the LCS team…”

Step 3

The LCS reviews and approves your update and the changes are then reflected in your profile.

Download LCS digital award badges

You can display a digital award badge in a range of media, including your email footer or on printed material.

Download here >>>

Create your personal LCS profile URL

Coming soon.


Linking your LCS Profile from Linkedin

Licences and Certifications

You can link your LCS digital profile to your Linkedin account through the Licenses & certifications section in Linkedin, which is found by clicking View Profile, then clicking the Add profile section button and then selecting Add licences & certifications from the dropdown menu.

In the Add licenses & certifications section

  • Type in your LCS Level in the Name field
  • In the Issuing organisation field, start typing Lean Competency System – it should appear, as it is already listed as an “Issuing organisation”
  • Check the box This credential does not expire 
  • Add the issue date
  • In the Credential ID field. type in your LCS certificate reference
  • In the Credential url field, copy and paste in your LCS profile url.
  • Click Save.

Click here >>> to visit the Linkedin help page.


Setting Privacy Levels for Your Account

There are various options to choose from that provide flexibility; you can:

  • Be listed in the members’ directory (yes or no)
  • Be listed in member search  (yes or no)
  • Allow members to send you a friend request (yes or no)
  • Hide your last active time (yes or no). Hiding last active time will affect your visibility in the directory and other places
  • Choose who can see your profile (everyone or logged in users or only you)


  1. Make sure you are logged in via the Sign in (shown in the top right corner when not logged in)
  2. When logged in, click My Profile (shown in the top right corner when logged in)
  3. On the resulting webpage, click the Settings tab
  4. When the Setting tab has been selected (it will turn dark blue) click the Profile Privacy sub menu option just below it
  5. On the resulting page, make the profile privacy setting changes that you desire and then click the Save button when complete

Website Privacy Policy

Visit the website privacy policy page for details.

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