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1. Introduction

Digital Credentials

About Digital Credentials

You may have heard the buzzwords digital credentials being increasingly talked about, particularly in this new era of digital transformation. Digital credentials are an easy way to help you communicate your skills and achievements online and share them digitally.

LCS Practitioner Members can now join the movement of digital credentials and promote their professional profile online, with the brand new LCS digital credentials profile.

Create your profile, showcase qualifications online, create links to digital certificates and then share these credentials across multiple online channels to enhance your professional presence.

Why set up a profile?

  • To publicise your qualifications and credentials and make them more accessible to employers and peers.
  • To synchronise your LCS certification with your LinkedIn profile.
  • To enhance your professional profile at zero cost to you.
  • To bring your CV into the current digital world.
  • To simplify sharing details about your qualifications and capabilities.

Which qualifications?

Your digital credentials profile can display a range of your qualifications, including:

  • LCS Certificates of Lean Competency
  • CI/lean related awards, certificates and diplomas, in areas such as Lean Six Sigma, Agile and Project Management
  • Academic qualifications related to lean/CI, for example diplomas or degrees in general management, business or engineering
Note that you will need to provide evidence that verifies your credentials. You can also add supporting information about your learning and practical achievements, such as presentations, reports or articles.