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Lean accreditation for healthcare

About the LCS framework

The Lean Competency System (LCS) is a continuous improvement qualifications framework for organisations and individuals. Organisations can become accredited by the LCS if their lean training system is considered, technically robust, well managed and resourced and aligned with one or more of the seven levels in the LCS framework. Once accredited, organisations can certify their staff at one of seven LCS levels based on their training programme progression.

Becoming an accredited healthcare organisation

The LCS accreditation process signifies that a healthcare organisation’s lean training programme or system is committed to high standards and the continual learning of its staff. The philosophy is to empower the organisation to define the standard and quality that it considers is appropriate to its environment and context. Once accredited, the organisation will have the ability to award LCS Certificates of Lean Competency to those it trains.

What it means for individuals to get healthcare lean certification from the LCS

Accreditation allows organisations to reward and recognise individuals who are actively involved in implementation following completion of a lean training programme. Recognising individuals’ achievements boosts engagement in the wider lean initiative, contributes towards its overall success and also provides new incentives for individuals to strive for higher goals.

Why LCS?

The LCS qualifications framework has been developed, tested and refined over a number of years to establish it as the leading qualification system for workplace based lean training programmes. Created by the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff University and recognised by the Institute for Continuous Improvement in Public Services (ICiPS), LCS is now a global industry recognised qualification. Existing accredited organisations >>>

The LCS framework can be easily applied to the healthcare sector, offering organisations and individuals the chance to acquire accreditation and lean certification for healthcare environments. Indeed, several healthcare organisations are accredited.

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