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Eduardo Curros


Date Awarded
Dec 2021

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The LCS Impact Awards

Programme Director Effectiveness


Eduardo is a highly experienced lean practitioner, who has held senior roles with Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Resource Solutions and currently with GuideWell, where he is Lean Programme Principal and responsible for developing and implementing the company’s lean programme. He has several lean related qualifications and holds the highest LCS award – the Level 3b certificate.


  • Led 13 large scale projects over 2020-2021 to reduce 100,000 hours of waste company-wide
  • Led deployment of culture change in the company via grassroots movement
  • Built ties with community in and outside of the company to show value of Lean and LCS accreditation
  • Established an internal community of practice with more than 850+ current active members
  • Established a curriculum and registration process that was full 9 months prior to deployment
  • Established curriculum and framework for Brown Belt and Black Belt programs with application process


Eduardo made a significant impact through mobilising internal change champions, developing a sense of urgency and creating a structured methodology for implementation and project management. His championing role has involved motivating, guiding and spearheading the effort and galvanising his colleagues into action.

In particular, his development and application of structured methodology for problem solving and a robust program architecture provided direction and clarity, through linking projects to bottom line impact, such as hard savings and especially to cost aversion. Together with his energy and passion, he created a positive sense of urgency, helping and assisting everyone on a widespread scale.

Key highlights:

  • Certified 225 of 247 Green Belts (created 58 team huddles)
  • Lead all three annual Lean Leadership seminars
  • Formalized expansion plans to develop within company culture
  • Worked with Executive and Senior leadership to establish requirements for job competency roles
  • Integrated in to 58 current departments with another 50 planned in 2022
  • Fostered Online community via LinkedIn to showcase value as corner stone of sustainability
  • 44 of 247 Green Belts promoted due to lean skills and certification
  • Received 39 awards for recognition
  • Received 2 Value Awards from Executives
  • Received 4 letters of commendation for various business areas champions

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Background Eduardo is a highly experienced lean practitioner, who has held senior roles with Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Resource Solutions

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