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8. Upgrading from Level 3a to Level 3b

Level 3 APLE Certification

Upgrading form L3a to L3b

Those certified at Level 3a can seek to upgrade to Level 3b by completing an application form.

The decision to upgrade should be based on the additional strategic/transformational experience gained in employment from the date of your L3a certification to the upgrade application date. Refer to the Level 3 Descriptor for the Level 3a and 3b competency expectations.

The upgrade fee is £245.00/€285.00 (plus VAT).

L3 Descriptor

Complete an Application Form

To upgrade, click the Application box, which takes you to the application form. Once received, your application will be reviewed and the process will be completed with a short interview with the assessor.


Submission Form Guidance

  • You can save a draft of the application to complete at a later time. Return to this page and click the application box. Ensure you are logged when you do this.
  • There is a save draft button is at the foot of each page.
  • A progress bar is shown at the top of each page; click on the bar to navigate to different pages.
  • Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a copy by email.
  • After you have submitted your application, you will receive and an acknowledgment. You will normally receive the assessment of your application within ten working days.
  • Files uploaded to the application are protected and nobody can access the files through the file’s URL nor be found by search engines.